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2 Thess 2 tells us the man of sin / son of perdition will see himself as God and will stand in the holy place. Many commentators have therefore assumed the Temple in Jerusalem will have to be rebuilt before 2 Thess 2 can be fulfilled. But St. Paul tells us the heart of a Christian is the Temple of the Holy Spirit, and of course Christians are supposed to have the new covenant mentioned in Jeremiah 31. 31-34 written on our hearts, so, if the Antichrist attempts to write heresy on the hearts of Christians, then, in a sense he is standing in the holy place. So many things boil down to making the best choice between two choices. No one demands perfection out of a church run by imperfect human beings, but a church, any church, is either good enough to be God's True Church, or else it just isn't good enough. 'Guilty Pleasures' involves a murder mystery, and religion is something of a murder mystery. I mean a church can claim to lead souls to heaven, can claim to uphold the True Faith, can claim to be God's True Church, but if it is a false church, if it is simply not God's True Church, if it leads people away from heaven and drags their souls to perdition, then it is a killer, it is a murderer of you got two choices for any church...It's either God's True Church or else it isn't: it either leads people to heaven or it leads people to perdition....So often we are staring at two possibilities. Suppose you have a crush on someone. She'll either accept you or else she'll reject you. Suppose she tells you to get lost. Then other possibilities arise. Perhaps life would have been so so beautiful if only she hadn't told you to get lost, or, maybe you don't know how lucky you are to not get mixed up with that crazy lady...Or suppose you're trying to decide if America's drug laws need to be amended. If these drug laws have created thousands and thousands of violent gangsters, then you would tend to think it best to amend the drug laws. But if you amend the drug laws, and then thousands upon thousands of violent gangsters find it difficult to make much money under the new drug laws, and if they turn to brutal kidnappings and frightful home invasions and mass murder and mass extortion to make their money, then you would tend to think you did a lousy job amending America's drug laws. Anyway, you can calculate the evidence, and then meditate upon the evidence which says the Roman Catholic Church fell away from the True Faith - for instance, for century after century after century Roman Catholic priests celebrated the Eucharist with evil kings and evil nobles who oppressed the peasantry - and of course 1 Corinthians 11. 27 tells us it is a terrible sin to celebrate the Eucharist in an unworthy manner, but, despite all of your calculations and meditations, we're still left with two options: Rome either leads souls to heaven, or else Rome leads souls to 'not heaven' - that is, to perdition. So, if Rome is God's True Church everyone one earth should obey Rome. You can't lose, you can't be shipped off to eternal hell if you always obey and never rebel against God's True Church. But if Rome is not God's True Church, if Rome drags souls to perdition, then everyone on earth should reject Rome. You can theorize about exceptions to the general rule of damnation for those trapped in false churches, for instance, if a little kid dies young before having a chance to make some sound religious decisions, one can theorize that God will have mercy on that little kid, but, for the most part I want to keep everything simple and focused on the two options for the Roman Catholic Church: Rome has either fallen away from the True Faith, or else Rome has not fallen away from the True Faith.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2014
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001121278369
    • ISBN:  9781311906007

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