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Enter the imagination of multi award winning writer O'Hara Moon. Tough and explicit one moment, deliciously ironic and sexy the next, O'Hara Moon explores life and love in three beautifully written short stories that shift between real and imaginary worlds, revealing both the gritty reality of his characters' lives, and the hopes and fears of their dreams. Jellybabies (first published by Australian Penthouse): Louise is generous, sweet, and as sexy as hell. Men fall for her like stunned cattle. They swear eternal love and propose marriage. But she falls for the one man who treats her badly, a self-obsessed artist who strips her naked, paints her in oils and fucks her on the floor of his caravan. Why is she drawn to a man who feels nothing for her? Can he ever learn how to love? The Spanish: Li Liang wants only one man, but her lover lusts after every woman he sees. As she anchors him in reality he yearns to escape into a fantasy world of exotic and insatiable women. She fights to restrain him. He strives to break free. She has to decide: let him go or follow him into his fantasy. Diabolical Men: Paola is fascinated by her husband's body, and delights in the power she has over it. Yet she is disgusted by the notion of sex with other men, repelled by their bodies and their ravenous eyes. What will she do when she realises her husband is just another man: a dangerous and uncivilised beast? What do women and men really want out of sex, out of love, and out of each other? How do we get it? Which is more real, the physical world we live in, or the world we imagine? How can we reconcile these two realms to live fulfilling lives? O'Hara Moon plays with these questions and teases us with possible answers. There is romance in these sexy, ironic stories, but it is dangerous and savage romance. O'Hara Moon creates wickedly authentic vignettes of life that will tantalise, shock and amuse.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2013
    • Ano:  2013
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000603459623
    • ISBN:  9781483502137

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