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Does reincarnation really exist? Being sixty-five years old, I stop working as a freelance psychotherapist and buy a nice house in this small village, hoping to enjoy the rest of my life here, preferably in peace and quiet. Soon, a thirteen-year-old neighborhood boy shows up, and we recognize each other from our 'past lives' as former blood brothers and best friends, although I never before believed in strange new-age things like 'reincarnation', and still think that dead is dead and death is the definitive end of everything... Then, I meet the boy's eight-year-old 'little Gypsy brother', who used to live in my newly bought house and had his own room here. Two years ago, the former owner of my house rescued his little Gypsy friend from a nasty caravan fire and took him into his house, although the boy has a badly burnt body and face and cannot remember anything from his Gypsy past. Much to my surprise, the boy turns out to be a powerful little Shaman, my own son from our past trapper lives, my Eternal Soul Mate from many other lives, and my grownup Vice Leader when I was our Beloved 'Gypsy Monarch Harold the Great'. Does reincarnation really exist, and are the most important things in our lives predestined? It has to be... "Some of my favorite books are ones where I can’t tell whether it's real or not. Now, I DO know that this is fiction, but because Harry Monarch has crafted such an engrossing, rich story filled with complex characters and tense emotional situations, I get so engrossed in it that it seems real! Rarely does one encounter a story that has as much personal, raw experiences embedded in it. Perhaps it is because the Dutch writer, Harry Monarch, is a retired psychotherapist, applying his lifetime of psychological and therapeutic knowledge to the creative endeavor of writing. However, do not believe that this story is merely a case study disguised as a fictional narrative. No, the Dutch writer has employed the entire field of psychotherapy to this book, including the often neglected but equally important extra-mental phenomenal experiences. These include such things as psychic mediums, past lives, spirit helpers, karma and the like. Magically interwoven into the narrative, these extra-mental phenomenal experiences just add to the richness of the story. Rather than your standard mystery or thriller, this emotional roller coaster entertains through the beautiful narrative creativity of the written adventure. No guns, no murders, no conspiracy theories or the like, it is simply the adventures between a man and a child who turns out to be a very special boy indeed. I highly recommend this book - not only is it perfect for people looking for a great read, but also for parents or individuals who deal on a regular basis with young adults!"

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2012
    • Ano:  2012
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000175626058
    • ISBN:  9781301649013

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