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It started when the British Airways plane left Kingsford Smiths airfield in Sydney Australia. They were heading for US, but had to make a stop at Samoa Island for a few passengers and some cargo. When they were close to the airfield, two fighter planes with extra fuel tanks on their wings came out of the clouds. They contacted the British Airways plane and demanded, Follow us or get shot down. When the air-tower at the Samoa airfield told the two planes they had them on radar. One of the two planes said, so what, then he sent a rocket at the tower that exploded. The passenger plane was forced to follow, and they flew through the Korean strait, between Japan and South Korea. The journey went to Harbin, the capital of Manchuria. There the hostess Mai Flower was taken of the plane. Then the pilot was told to keep flying to the US. Living the airport in Harbin, Mai Flower was taken by three men for a trip that lasted the rest of the day. Arriving to the destination, a house that was built like any American house, the three men took Mai inside were she met the fourth person, a woman they called Olga. When Mai asked who was behind this kidnapping, it took some time, then she was told that a US senator Lind was behind the kidnapping. Not dirty Jack Lind said Mai, and told this Olga that Lind was a war monger. He belongs to a white supremacists organization that would kill any person with a different outlook. Senator Lind tried to restart the Korean war, but some people had warned the Korean and the chines armies, and they succeeded to stop Lind. Back in the states, the white supremacists that had the same thoughts as senator Lind, was starting mass killing of non white citizens. When it came to court, several thousand people were arrested, the top people were senator Lind and the vice president. It took over a year to get back to normal, when it had shown that we had as many terrorists within our country as you could find outside.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001038402154
    • ISBN:  9781311093721

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