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Short Stories of Madness. In Terror, moms were no longer carrying babies in their expensive strollers, they were hauling monsters. And the rest of the citizens were probably too sick and deteriorated to figure out the tragedy ahead. A state of emergency would have been ideal under such circumstances, but government officials were intoxicated by the mayhem and unable to find consensus for the next move?so, they did nothing. It was one of the most sophisticated operations of techno terrorism to date. Fundamentalism was dead; the trend was a new science of people decimation without weapons. Nebbia was the brainchild of a young British banker and part time physicist, who recruited a quorum of well-fed scientists to set up shop in the capital of the south and carry the annihilation. Why did they end up here in the first place? Disease control is a big business, and a big responsibility. It requires a tremendous amount of money, skills, and state of the art facilities. An adequate hub maybe? Sure, PDK was just the perfect stead, and here in the capital of the south, was where it all began. In Signorina, Greta is a kidnapper, she's ruthless, she has no identity, and she's terribly good at writing computer code. Her plan is smart and undetectable. Just follow her on Twitter and you will disappear within 72 hours. The only caveat: the code needs to be embedded to be effective. She finds the man who can help her, but when the whole thing starts to smell bad, she has to go back to the drawing board and confront the same man who is now unwilling to be part of the imbroglio. In Faceless, a panhandler, an alcoholic mother, a lawyer behind the wheel of a bucket truck, a state trooper who despises women, a presidential candidate fond on social media, a coroner with a new set of scalpels, and a star maker with the latest technology are all together in a mosaic, or better an orgy of life stories taped and narrated by the author himself. In Manstat, a man is bored with the conventions of life, and was committed to create the ultimate companion, Manstat. He hired the best man in the business. He paid him a small fortune. He gave him carte blanche and praised the creation of such a marvel. Nothing will ever come close. Manstat was finally in his hands, but he was warned: use it wisely, or it shall work against you. What was he going to do with such a dangerous gadget?

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2012
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001114276198
    • ISBN:  9781301139477

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