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So where has he gone, the red nosed man? The one with the misty washed light blue eyes? That man with the guilty little boyish grin? Today he was very still Lying silently, motionless, in his coffin gray Gray as the day In the funeral parlor Where a few gathered to pay their last respects To Rudolph my half brother Who was finally laid to rest in peace This is a true story of a soul that was bound and captured in a state of hopelessness, despair and poverty that unfortunately exists in this world even though there is help available for them. The desire for the addiction that consumes their life steals the reality of its consequences; eventually killing the participant; destroying any hope of a future for them with family and friends and life in general. The addiction becomes their reason for existence; the reason for waking up and the last satisfying desire before lying down to sleep. The addiction could be one of alcohol or drugs; often the root cause for crime, homelessness and promiscuity in order to provide the needed finances to feed their obsession. If you have never had to contend with someone addicted to a substance that alters the mind and eventually takes complete control of their life and will; it may be very difficult to comprehend the power these addictions can have. Many unfortunately, believe that they should have the ability to stop their addictions and pick up on what is considered to be a normal routine for living. Not so easily done, due to burn out and loss of normal brain cells and guilt. Satan has them chained, in his cunning and subtle work to steal, kill and destroy; he does not let them go free that easily once he has a legal door to enter in. It is a struggle, requiring a power greater than we have as humans, to be set free, the battle is of spiritual existence. Deliverance lies in the hands of the One who is greater and comes to give life, than he who comes to destroy, but, you need to submit and then you need to resist. It is a constant battle for the one who is trying to overcome, needing the support and tough love of family and friends who need to realize they must accept the things they cannot change; have courage to help change the things they can with wisdom to know the difference and inner strength to Let Go and Let God when they need to.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2014
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2020100080885
    • ISBN:  9781493158850

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