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This is the sequel to "Lusted by Alien Tentacles". After researcher Kyla's erotic encounter with a strange alien blob on a remote planet, she learns her supervisors are set to launch a mining operation in the cave it's in - even if it means the death of the blob. Kyla is determined to save the alien... but how far will she go to ensure the survival of the species? Warning: for adults only! Contains explicit unprotected sex with powerful tentacles. 7450 words. ---------------- Excerpt: Immediately, and as she expected, a mass of the large, thick tentacles darted in her direction. This time, though, Kyla felt confident. The alien was not hostile towards her, and she was there to help. Somehow, she had the feeling that it would know this. She walked decisively, right into its powerful limbs, and breathed deeply as the familiar feeling returned, the tentacles beginning to slowly wrap and slither over her. Again she stepped forward, her heart still beating hard and her mind remembering what transpired during her previous encounter with this thing. The memories swirled in her head and she was suddenly surprised to find herself slightly aroused. She stepped closer still, the tentacles all the time moving over and around her, but crucially, opting not to grab or stop her. It was clear, Kyla thought, that the alien recognized her. She stopped when she arrived at the large, fat, blue-shaded mass and placed her hands on it delicately; it felt cold and sticky. Gently, she moved them over the alien's body, feeling its muscles flexing, its pores oozing with goo. She knew now that it trusted her. That she was able to get this close to it without any signs of danger or hostility was good - the blob welcomed her. Not just for her peace of mind, but also for the practicality of finding a way to get this thing out of the rock, this was a great relief to Kyla. Moreover, it reinforced her conviction: the blob didn't deserve to die - that it had recognized and allowed her safe passage was testament to its intelligence. Kyla shuddered briefly as a tentacle ran up her leg and nudged at her crotch. She was there for work... but oh... that felt so good. She couldn't quite help herself, and a soft moan escaped her lips. Instantly two tentacles wrapped around her ankles, pinning her in place. She gasped, realizing that she was trapped once more, though this time she was not frightened; merely disappointed - in herself and her weakness. "Oh, no, uh, let's not do this..." she mumbled, shaking her head at the idea that the alien could somehow understand her. As she expected, it didn't yield. Instead, two more tentacles wrapped around her wrists and pulled her arms upwards. Kyla found herself pressed against the gooey blob, arms and legs spread apart and pinned down. And within a quick moment, her suit had been ripped apart, just like that first time, and she was naked. She sighed, grateful that she had the foresight to bring several extras. Kyla braced herself. She was inevitably aroused, almost quivering in anticipation as she remembered the ungodly pleasures she had experienced that first time. Inside, though, she couldn't help but scold herself; she had come for work, not pleasure. Important work, too - a matter of literal life and death. Yet there she was, entirely nude, ready, willing; and just minutes after her arrival! This was highly unprofessional, but she couldn't resist the temptation. Maybe just one fuck would clear her mind. Maybe all this tension and stress that had built up over the long, lonesome voyage, magnified as it was by the knowledge of her position's precariousness, needed to be fucked out of her. Maybe then she'd be ready to work. ----------------

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2012
    • Ano:  2012
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000178462578
    • ISBN:  1230000011968
    • Faixa Etária:  a partir de 18 anos

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