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As they made their way through the cobble-stoned streets of late-night Rome, Charmaine couldn't believe how much she and this handsome stranger had in common … and how intuitive he was. It's like he had a map, not only to her brain, but to her heart.  "And your mother? Tell me, what is the thing you'll miss the most about her?" he asked. The question brought tears to her eyes, which she tried to hide by averting her gaze.  "Oh, mia bella, I did not wish to make you cry."  "No, no. They're happy tears, really. ... And to answer your question, her sense of humor. She was one of the most ridiculously funny people I've ever met -- even with cancer."  "How about you? What is it you're going to miss most about your mom?"  "Oh, so much. But really, her advice. She was the only person I could talk to from my heart," he finished in his melodic baritone.  She adored how open he seemed to be with his emotions. Charmaine touched his arm, feeling the cord-like strength of his bicep, even through the cloth of his navy-blue suit jacket.  Alexandre turned to her, suddenly tense with need. The golden color of his eyes had deepened to a rich amber. "I want very much to kiss you Charmaine," he said, brushing her right cheek with the ridge of his thumb. Searching for -- and sensing -- no resistance, he lowered his head to claim his desired prize.  Time was suspended for Charmaine as he made love to her mouth. His lips, so soft and warm, still tasted of the wine from dinner. It was an added aphrodisiac that escalated the passion between them.  "Ah mio amore. How natural you feel in my arms," Alexandre whispered between soul-searing kisses. "I want very much to do so much more than kiss you," he said, his need evident as he pressed his body into hers.  Charmaine's need was every bit as intense. But, could she give herself to the handsome Italian … and leave with her heart intact? 

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2015
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2020101460297
    • ISBN:  9781519906083

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