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In ancient times, Madusoul, an unspoken Evil Spirit was unleashed, destructively conquering mankind until captured by a consortium of African tribes. He was entombed, covered in heaps of stone, sealed forever, never to destroy again. For ages, through spiritual meditation and witchery, Madusoul, has anxiously awaited the reclaiming of his throne to wreak havoc for man-kinds betrayal in his capture. He perfects his craft, and his wait was now over when seducing the minds of African Soldiers that arose, obsessed with power and easily transitioned. Madusouls powerful craft spawns a chain of events when soldiers secretly visit an undisturbed evil ruin, and selfishly unleashing his commandos and generals. Madusoul finally gets an awaken taste of freedom and stops at nothing; he requires a drop of innocent blood mingled with much tainted to fully regain his strength and power; though minute to that of the Almighty. Precursor to Madusouls return, his regular soldiers are spiritually weak but lye dormant in human but snap and you and see their destruction in the media, as if an epidemic! His newly released warriors; spiritually equipped for war, launch an offensive attack and strategically positions bodies for a blood bath of human sacrifices. Peradventure Madusouls creator; that Old Serpent; who does not force evil but uses spiritual warfare to conquer; closely watching things we are drawn to, things we delight in or have unhealthily dabbled in. He introduces us to things un-encountered or throws us into unforeseen traps in hopes of destroying us; the enemy comes but to destroy. Madusouls Crossing, is simply that; a tale of greed, obsession, lust, selfishness, deception and ultimately the destruction of humanity. Its an awakening, a crossing of spiritual paths and a series of events that kick off when a woman, deeply rooted in a Voodoo ancestry stops at nothing to win a married mans love. In desperation, she goes underground in search of a glittery, beautiful and captivating scepter that will grant her total power over love when deceived and gives and open invitation to the Madusouls super powers that sends anyone in their paths, on a collision course. Well-kept secrets that are assumed to be buried in the darkest abyss, like sunken ships and treasures in Davey Jones locker are forever lost or atleast they think so. So this I say unto you delight not in earthly follies but draw until your Deliverer; your shield. Be ye connected unto one body or be as those in Madusouls Crossing, terrified and questioning their spiritual being. This pulse-thumping, tight-knit plot takes you into a dimension where earthly laws, rules, policies and procedures no longer exist; leaving everyone wondering of survival. Azreayl delivers this spine tingling; nail biting and scratching performance in this intense thriller Madusouls Crossing! Enjoy!

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2020100746286
    • ISBN:  9781524536138

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