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Man HuntThe team thought it was all over; the suitcase had been found and decommissioned, and Anshu was in custody waiting to be transported to America. What could go wrong? Then the phone rang, it was Peterson, their “new best friend”. "I need to meet with your little group. We have a small... problem!"Dave couldnt believe it, the so called “powers that be” had lost Anshu!Join the team on their Man Hunt.The Hunt series.Book I of the series: Scavenger Hunt. 2015Book II of the series: Man Hunt, 2015Book III of the series: Hunted, 2015Barracuda JewelWhilst diving just off the Spanish coast, Lucy and the four students she’s training come across a pile of stones. A glint catches one of the students eye and a gold coin is found. Upon a closer inspection of the mound the remains of a body peer at the group from under a box protruding from the pile.Over dinner that night a young couple overhear the group discussing what they’ve found and suddenly they are fighting for their lives, either from the men that want the box or the sharks in the cove!For more about this author visit his BLOG:www.barrybuckinghambooks.comand sign up for email updates on all his future releases and get a free ebook.Also, have a look at his Facebook page:Barry Buckingham Books.Connect with Barry on Twitter:@authorbbbooksOther books that this author is writing delve into the supernatural in the werewolf thriller genre.Taking an ordinary couple and shunting them into a supernatural world full of vicious, frenzied murder.As they come to terms with their new existence they make new friends and they lose good friends.A Supernatural Thriller series:Scalpturio - 1. The Beginning (coming soon)Scalpturio - 2. The Pack (coming soon)Scalpturio - 3. New Life (coming soon)Scalpturio - 4. Fresh Meat (coming soon)Scalpturio - 5. Challenge (coming soon)Scalpturio - 6. Death of a Monster (coming soon)Manhattan Wolf 1A new cop is on the streets of New York Follow Dave in the new Supernatural Crime series.Manhattan Wolf 2. Solar EclipseManhattan Wolf 3. Shadow Moon. coming soon.If youve enjoyed my books and you have time, please leave a review.Thank you.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001112386486
    • ISBN:  9781311486851

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