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    This book is not so much a deliberate intention to create and develop a possible income-generating hobby but an evolution of ideas around a certain scenario. This is a departure from the who had done it, the convoluted romance, the thriller, the science fiction, or other kinds of genre. It is a human experience with a bit of everything: humour, sadness, a bit of fantasy, a bit of romance, suspense, and inspiration. It's been difficult to look back and see what originally inspired me to write this. No doubt people who know me will say it's based on similar experiences I've had in my life as they say with a lot of writers. I could also say it reveals a life I was not able to experience in my youth as well as a parenthood I've been unable to have. I was never in a situation these boys found themselves in during my youth. I tended to be an observer of life rather than a participant. So you could say the original idea for writing this book is born out this. It could also be said a genre like this is mixture of psychology and philosophy, with the character building involved in the boys at that sensitive age, having to deal with the trauma, but it was really a case of the boys, their parents, everyone else involved applying, with some professional help, a bit of common sense in what was thought to be a crisis turning out to be a mini crisis. Liam and Shane, in the end, are neither heroes nor villains but are as human as you and I. I didn't write this to set some ultraistic ideal or attempt to propose a method of bringing up children but to just portray how a middle-class family would, although not perfectly, deal with a given set of circumstances. The impact of the violent incident the story's centered round is increased by the somewhat ideal holiday experience. This is what we kiwis call kiwiana, that idealistic pastime of the family getting in the car and holidaying up the coast or to the lake and enjoying the scenery that is often only several hours drive from home. But life was never meant to be all fun and pleasure as adolescent boys can quickly find out. So you can enjoy this book because it's an uncomplicated saga of life itself.

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      • Ano de Edição: 2014
      • Ano:  2018
      • País de Produção: Canada
      • Código de Barras:  2020100955404
      • ISBN:  9781493192564

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