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5 Novels contains the following books, all of which can be purchased separately in the Kindle store at Amazon: Some Things Are Sweeter Than God, The Book of the Dead, The Voice of the Victim, Requiem for the West, and Your Kiss Is like the Sweetest Fire. In the space allowed, I will give brief descriptions of these books, but if you would like more complete descriptions, you can obtain them under the separate listings for each book. I would like to emphasize that these five novels are very diverse in plot and theme, and it is virtually impossible to characterize this book except to say that it is an anthology. Some Things Are Sweeter Than God is a murder mystery. The protagonist is a lawyer named Lorinda Rivers—she’s a public defender and a highly competitive woman who doesn’t like to lose…Kevin Jensen is a man who’s facing the death penalty after being charged with the brutal murder of his ex-girlfriend…his fingerprints are on the murder weapon, and he’s already confessed, so there isn’t any real doubt as to his guilt…But when Kevin retracts his voluntary confession, refuses to consider a plea deal, and demands a jury trial, Lorinda is faced with a difficult moral dilemma. Should she ignore her conscience and defend Kevin aggressively, even if it means that he might go free? In The Book of the Dead, a woman interested in psychic phenomena begins to hear a man’s voice. He insists that she write down everything that he is about to tell her and that his motive is "to lift the veil of ignorance that surrounds death." The voice is from a man named Daren Slade, and he begins his narrative with the futile attempt he made to save a drowning woman. Later, he goes to his 25th high school reunion and reconnects with his high school sweetheart, Savannah Cross, and that night, they begin a drive that will take them from Atlanta, Georgia to the outskirts of Raleigh, North Carolina. Along the way, they are involved in a car crash from which they miraculously escape…to a diner where the waitresses are a bit beyond bizarre…to a dream that Daren has where a holy man stabs him through the heart…to a restaurant where their waitress is talking about committing suicide…and back to the river where Daren attempted to save the drowning woman. Here, he encounters… The Voice of the Victim is not only a clever murder mystery but is also a satirical tour through Darwin City and the modern world of guns, murder, and mayhem…a mixture of slapstick comedy, dark premonitions, and a sweeping indictment of everything that Western culture has ever produced…sassy and extremely irreverent, poetic and haunting, never trite and always real, this is one of the most intense books that has ever been written. The setting for Requiem for the West is college life and the corrupt behavior of presidents, provosts, and professors, but the underlying theme is represented by a seven-hundred-word apocalyptic poem entitled Requiem for the West. Requiem features an offbeat romance; the Dilbert-like humor of bureaucrats who can’t figure out anything; the subtle but persistent mockery of the widespread belief that our culture is superior to anything that has ever existed; a chain-smoking college president who considers poetry to be the domain of cannabis addicts; and most of all, a poem that you will never forget. Your Kiss Is like the Sweetest Fire is about Jaime and Renee--a brother and sister by adoption but still believing that they are related by blood. Events and emotions drive Jamie and Renee closer and closer to each other…a sudden surge of sexual desire in a teenage romance…a walk to the old mill pond in the twilight…a long kiss as the moon rises on the far shore. Guilt for Jaime, passion for Renee…but a week later, a love note from Renee to Jaime is discovered by their mother…Jaime and Renee shamed and then separated…Renee believing that true love, her true love for Jaime, lasts forever…Jamie having a fling with a beautiful blond…and then…

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    • Ano de Edição: 2018
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2020106943825
    • ISBN:  9780463409206

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