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HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE MIRANDA...3 Full-Length Novels in 1 E-book...DEATH WEARS HIGH HEELS is a 3-in-1 compilation of the pivotal MIRANDA TRILOGY story arc from the Rowan Gant Investigations supernatural thriller series by M. R. Sellars, containing: LOVE IS THE BOND, ALL ACTS OF PLEASURE, and THE END OF DESIRE, plus a bonus - the first two chapters of BLOOD MOON, book 9 in the RGI saga.THE ROWAN GANT INVESTIGATIONSRowan Gant is the unofficial Witch for the Greater Saint Louis Major Case Squad. He never wanted the job, but when you can hear the voices of the dead begging for help you arent left with much choice in the matter. Unless, of course, you are completely devoid of a conscience.Unfortunately for Rowan, he still has one...-----LOVE IS THE BOND: A Rowan Gant Investigation (RGI Book 6 - Miranda Trilogy Book 1)When the wind blows from the south, love will kiss thee on the mouth. And then, she will kill you...Rowan Gants unwanted gift of hearing the dead has placed him at the center of some of the most heinous serial murder investigations imaginable. This one, however, not only comes knocking on his front door, it steps across the threshold...Of existing serial homicide cases, women make up less than one-tenth of American serial killers. However, among female serial killers in existence worldwide, American women have the dubious honor of snagging better than three-quarters of that total.Within the characteristics of the Kelleher Typology nine point categorization of serial killers is that of SEXUAL PREDATORS- those who systematically kill others in clear acts of sexual homicide.They are sociopaths, sometimes harboring a form of paraphilia, but almost always killing in order to fuel or even validate an ongoing fantasy. In the case of female serial killers, however, this classification is so distinctly rare that there has only been one documented instance of it in the United States.Still, there are those who wonder if that case was merely an isolated anomaly, or in fact a harbinger of what is yet to come.Rowan Gant is about to find the answer to that question. The problem is, it might just be one he doesnt want to hear...ALL ACTS OF PLEASURE: A Rowan Gant Investigation (RGI Book 7 - Miranda Trilogy Book 2)Who really pays for the sins of the father?Rowan Gants wife is at the center of an investigation involving astring of brutal, sexually-motivated murders. What that investigationreveals will change her life in ways she never imagined.ALL ACTS OF PLEASURE is the powerful and revealing sequel to the RowanGant Investigations biggest cliffhanger to date, LOVE IS THE BOND.THE END OF DESIRE: A Rowan Gant Investigation (RGI Book 8 - Miranda Trilogy Book 3)Evil has a name, and it is Miranda...On his own and without any official sanction, Rowan Gant finds himself in Katrina devastated New Orleans hot on the trail of the sadistic serial killer calling herself Mistress Miranda. His every waking thought is consumed with stopping her before she kills again, but his dedication to the task is based on a deeply selfish reason - to save his wife, Felicity.There are greater forces at play, and he knows it. An unfortunate blood connection is cemented on all sides by misguided WitchCraft and Hoodoo Magic. Now, the expression "thicker than water" takes on a whole new meaning.To bring an end to the personal horror, a forgotten spell must first be broken. An incantation bound in love, but cast in fear; and one that is now growing stronger every minute it remains unchecked.But even then, that is only half the battle.The End Of Desire is the final chapter of the gut wrenching Miranda Trilogy......Or is it?

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    • Ano de Edição: 2012
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001027918444
    • ISBN:  9781937778019

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