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Martin Rove is a thirty seven year old male with a life that others around him envy. He’s married to a beautiful woman who he loves and adores. He is successful as a Computer Technology Specialist for a Fortune Five Hundred company. He resides in Irvine California, an upscale community in the heart of Orange County California. Martin struggles however with chronic insomnia and becomes desperate for a solution. Being adverse to the use of prescription sleeping pills, Martin seeks treatment from a holistic sleep therapist who teaches him an unorthodox, yet strangely effective method of falling into a deep, restful sleep.Soon after, Martin begins to experience dreams which remain vivid in every detail, even when he is awake. These dreams place him in a separate life, with a wife and children he has never met. Eventually these recurring dreams start to trouble Martin and create internal conflict due to his commitment and dedication to his wife, Terri. If that was the extent of his dilemma, Martin could likely cope and eventually move on. However, fate is about to make his life much more complicated as he is drawn into a parallel world which is unfamiliar and unexplainable.One afternoon, on his way back from an out of town training, Martin unexpectedly encounters a woman he is convinced is the one he shares a life with in his dreams each night. Compelled to find answers and understand the significance of these dreams, he begins to follow the woman. Eventually Martin becomes obsessed, and even goes to the extent of stalking her. As a result, he is assaulted and subsequently arrested for suspicion of criminal stalking. Quickly his life begins to spiral downward out of control. Due to his all consuming obsession and his need to find out who this woman is and understand why he shares a life with her in his dreams, Martin will risk losing everything, his wife, job, and possibly his freedom.Premise: This novel enters into the often vague realm of a mans dreams, and brings it to life. Embark on an exploration, not only of content, but purpose and meaning. Journey with Martin as he tries to reconcile the schizophrenic effects of living two distinct, yet parallel lives. Travel with him as he attempts to uncover the hidden purpose behind his dream life and enjoy the transformation he experiences ultimately being forced to learn how to completely trust and place his fate in the hands of the woman he loves.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2011
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000172145071
    • ISBN:  9781452438948

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