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A three-book box set of cozy ghost mysteries, full of fun, mystery, ghosts who need help, and a few feisty animals. There are three complete cozy mysteries to solve. Grab a mug of tea, a slice of cake, and get solving these fun cozy mysteries. Book 1 - Ghostly Manners A new job. A haunted house. A ghost with a problem. When Lorna Shadow arrives at her new job, as personal assistant to the wealthy Lord Galbraith, she discovers a lot more than old-fashioned manners and paperwork. A ghost is haunting the house and she’s not happy. Lorna has a skill she never puts on her CV. She can see ghosts. And they see her and won’t leave her alone until she’s helped them. Little does Lorna know, her efforts to help this ghost will put her own life at risk. The ghost at the manor house, Beatrice Galbraith, led a quiet life, secluded in the family estate, with her beloved dogs for company, her eccentric brother, and his frosty wife. But that didn’t stop someone seeking Beatrice out and ending her life. Accompanied by her best friend, Helen Holiday, and her even more faithful dog, Flipper, Lorna needs to solve the murder and help Beatrice find peace, while making sure the killer doesn’t decide she’s causing too much trouble! Follow Lorna, Helen, and Flipper in this fun cozy ghost mystery as they work through the suspects and make the shocking discovery of who killed Beatrice Galbraith. Book 2 - Ghostly Secrets A troubled ghost. A house full of suspects, and a mystery that needs solving. Lorna Shadow is back in a new ghost mystery. Joined by her best friend Helen, and her faithful dog, Flipper, Lorna must deal with Archie Musgrave, a stubborn ghost who doesn't believe his death was an accident. As Lorna investigates, the list of suspects grows long, and the ghost becomes increasingly agitated. When Archie's widow is almost killed, Lorna must act fast to stop anyone else from dying. Follow Lorna in this fun, cozy ghost mystery, as she unmasks the killer and Archie gets the justice he deserves. Book 3 - Ghostly Games The sound of ghostly laughter. An unsolved disappearance. And an ectoplasmic experience! Lorna Shadow is starting a new job, and hopeful this one will be permanent. But she isn't in the house for long before the ghosts arrive, and bring a tragic secret with them.  With Zach working away and concerned about her safety with so many ghosts around, Lorna must rely on Helen and Flipper to help her with this puzzle. How are the ghosts connected, and what do they know about how they died? Lorna must find out and help to heal a grieving household; a household with plenty of skeletons in the closets. This is the third book in the Lorna Shadow cozy ghost mystery series. It features adventure, ghostly mystery, and a whole lot of clean fun. Join Lorna, Flipper, her faithful dog, and the ever ditzy Helen, as they try to keep their places in the household, and help the ghosts find peace.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2018
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: Brazil
    • Código de Barras:  2001121842577
    • ISBN:  1230002099248

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