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The movie set of the Regal Films post-war drama, The Valley of Dreams, is a place of dark menace and evil, where everything isn’t as it seems. Cameraman, Peter Rivers, has a hidden past. Under many different identities, this serial killer has left a trail of victims behind him, a fact the cast and crew of the movie are blissfully unaware of. Charming and confident, he chooses Debbie Duncan, the movie’s co-star, as his new soulmate/submissive, but she isn’t as easy to manipulate and subdue as he expected. Then Detective Inspector Sarah Machin shows up at the movie set in Wales with questions about his former girlfriend’s murder, and things spiral out of control for Rivers. He knows he should flee, but he can’t settle into a new life while one of his intended victims is still alive, resulting in an all-consuming need for him to come after Duncan. Even though she has police protection and the close attentions of friend and confidante, Director Clay Thompson, Rivers will not be denied, leading more than one participant to confront the dark side of their souls…

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