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Novelist Dian St. Cere wins a bidding war for an antique Italian desk at an online auction that is damaged in delivery. Sam Greyson, owner of the moving company shows up and explains the significance of her purchase, being an antique dealer and having an avid interest in Italian antiques. Together they discover the notorious Lucrezia Borgia’s treasured Loggia Crystal, hidden for centuries in the desk, and soon a distant relation to the ancient family, Vince Da Loggia shows up, to claim ownership.Much of Sam’s knowledge of Lucrezia comes from his close friend Natalie Da Loggia, formerly married Vince. Within the Loggia Crystal’s depths lies a famous skull shaped phantom crystal that has inflamed greed and lust for power over the centuries.Sam fails to recognize Vince with his new facial hair, having only briefly met him once years before, at Natalie’s wedding in Italy. Vince tries to claim ownership of the desk; supposedly sold by mistake and wants it back, but Dian refuses to sell; keeping the crystal’s discovery secret.That night, an attempt is made to break into her home, so Dian accepts Sams offer to stay at his luxurious townhouse for safety where he introduces her to Natalie, and her connection to Vince, up to this point unknown to Dian is revealed.Wanting to know more about the crystal, Natalie contacts her friend Rachel, a psychic who owns a New Age bookstore. After setting Dian up with several books, Natalie and Rachel need to leave to take care of some business, and are gone for a period of time leaving Dian alone in the small shop. Sam finds Dian, and he and Natalie collect Dian and return to the house, only to be notified that Vince has been murdered.The police soon identify Natalie as the prime suspect having been spotted by several witnesses leaving Vince’s hotel room that afternoon. Now they must race against time and use the renowned gazing crystal to help prove Natalie’s innocence and prevent another murder from the unknown killer.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2011
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000170245902
    • ISBN:  9781458199430

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