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Dear Readers, Congratulations if you got this far. Your eternal spirit may yet be saved; but alive with your soul will be a different story. That would be a forced conflict to deny the evil from claiming the right to commit murder in violation of the law. That Would be WORLD WAR THREE. Though we will see that timing illustrated; there is the story of Jesus returning and it will not be to earth until after the THOUSAND YEARS of Christ Peter’s Reign upon the Earth. But there is a previous presentation of Jesus Christ as an Angel that passes over the Earth and this will only occur after a WORLD WAR; but if there is no WORLD WAR as to be just a Christian Church surrendering without a FIGHT; there will be two Jesus Christ’s to be seen on that dreadful day. A false Jesus as a Jew Satan the murderer worshipped on Earth and the TRUE JESUS CHRIST SMITING THE EARTH WITH A CURSE OF DEATH TO ALL HUMAN FLESH living with Satan; as then Jesus is the true ‘Angel’ in Revelation verse 20: 1-3 performs the witness of JESUS CHRIST in heaven as the TRUTH; while Satan fabricated a false return of Jesus remaining upon the earth as murderers killing the entire Free Church in America: with those remaining alive in the Church having the ‘Mark of the Beast’ worshipping a false Jesus; are to be forsaken as having permitted Satan to commit murder of Christians using Jesus name as a Jew God committing murder.    If you believe that you will not have to read this book; but failing your understanding to the truth; the proof is in the reading; then you will understand. The first Predicted Event is the Passover Day of Jesus; to prove Jesus was not upon the Earth as a Jew god committing murder. The Second Predicted Event is the return of Jesus for the Judgment Day after the Thousand Years. Satan Passover Day is the invasion of the United States. The History of England is a sad story; and then the reality that the Stone of stumbling is Christ Peter; for which the rebuke of Paul as a doctrine used by LIARS still committing murder of the Christian Church. The historical family of ancient murderers in our generation is now discovered. Gregory Alan McKown

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    • Ano de Edição: 2014
    • Ano:  2014
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000857093963
    • ISBN:  1230000280397

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