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I then got a bus ticket and rode the bus into Reno, Nevada. I arrived at the bus station and caught a taxi to the Silver Legacy Casino. Since it was going to be at least ten hours until I got back to Los Angeles, I got a meal at, Flavors! the Buffet. Like most casino buffets, there are relatively few servers and no one is too likely to remember a diner. I dont want anyone to remember me.I serve myself, building a salad and speaking with no one. I do get an iced tea from the server, standard stuff. I eat my salad and then go and build myself a main meal, again speaking with no one. I build a meal of high nutrition, low bulk items, since Im going to be active in the not too distant future. I finish my meal, leave a moderate tip, exit the buffet, and then use one of the restrooms.Prepared for my nights work, I then lug my suitcase down 4th Street, past the hookers. I check down several side streets, before I locate the Lexus automobile thats a stupid mistake that ghetto boy made. I walk down in the dark, open the Lexus, after a little bit of magic on the locks, and put my suitcase in the trunk. I then wait, preparing myself mentally and physically for whats to come.A large, strong looking black guy walks down the side street. He sees me loitering by the Lexus. He asks me, “What you doing with mah ride?”I dont answer, I move! I put a side thrusting kick into the guys solar plexus. I then hit him with a back elbow and then a few nerve strikes. Im a Kung-Fu black belt, nothing official, but hard earned and very skilled. I take the guys keys, wallet, watch, rings and the cash that he came down the side street to stuff into, as it turns out, the glove compartment. I then pick up ghetto boy and dump him in the passenger seat of the Lexus. I then go around, get in the driver seat, use a Lexus key from his key ring, start the car and drive North to a rural stub street. As I drive, I lecture ghetto boy.“If you try to attack me, the pain that you now feel is a tiny down payment on what youll get. Back in South Central Los Angeles, you found out where a drug foreman hung out, on Friday night. Someone told you that. You then took what you thought was the drug foreman down. It wasnt a drug foremen, it was a top guy in the drug dealer organization. The foreman got sick, a really bad case of the flu. The top guy didnt have anyone else, so he filled in. Thats why you got a Lexus and not some cheaper car. Now, the people that I work for want to know who told you where to hide and where and when to mug the foreman. They have a short list of suspects, but they need you to come back and testify against the snitch. Dont you try to lie to me, I have the short list and I want to know the name of the snitch, why the snitch told you and a few other things. If you try to lie to me, I can extract the information, using pain compliance. Im a Kung-Fu black belt and I can do it scientific, but I dont need the extra work and I want you in good condition, when I get you back to Los Angeles.” (Im playing with ghetto boys mind. I have beat the crap out if him and I can obviously do it again. I have now given ghetto boy some hope of survival. The people that I work for supposedly need him, for some sort of hearing, to catch a snitch. Hes going to survive, at least for a while. If he lies, he gets more pain, a lot more pain. If he tells me the truth, I just take him back to Los Angeles with me. Ghetto boy can maybe trust me.)

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001033509773
    • ISBN:  9781370569557

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