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Bad neighbor, worse landlord, car repossessed, runaway spouse or child.Are you stuck in a situation too prickly to take to law enforcement? Or, theyve been no help at all.Switch sides.Call an outlaw...Troy Bittles, a retired Enforcer for the worlds most notorious bike gang The Breakers, can help. Retirement is boring, and hes done a lot of bad. In an effort to balance the scales of justice Troy uses his particular skill set to help his neighbors.Oak Park is a diverse gumbo of Nouveau Rich, street gangs, and motorcycle clubs with a worldwide footprint. That diversity leads to many great and extraordinary alliances.Aidan and Margie Hills have been in the neighborhood since WWII. They are upstanding model citizens. Their best friend and de facto son, Troy, is the mirror image of most that is good.Troy was born and raised in the neighborhood. Like father like son, Troy is a one-percenter, a motorcycle outlaw. He has never worked a traditional job in his life, yet is highly paid for what he does.The Hilles are desperate, their teenage grandson whom they have raised as their own son has run away. Up until now he has been a trouble-free young man, but bad company corrupts good manners as the Good Book says. Or, as Aidan would put it, “You run with dogs, you’ll get fleas.” Aaron recently took up with the Goths, kids with an over-familiarity to death and dead things.The Hilles realize they should have called Troy earlier.Can Troy track down one runaway in a city of seven million? Can he ‘bring’ him home? All in one piece...Moonlight began its life as the opening chapter of my soon to come crime novel, Flatline. It was eighty-sixed for not fitting in.I enjoyed this part of the story, and I think you will too.All the elements and scenes in this story, to one degree or another, come from my own experiences.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001041885432
    • ISBN:  9781311949752

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