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Most Way Out AdventuresMurder HappensI was in music, a hard rock rhythm guitarist, writer and arranger, in the late sixties and earlt seventies. In San Francisco, During the flower child/hippie era. I met many strange people, most of them good, a few bad, one or two disgustingly horrible. I was raised in Florida and knew many clannish personalities from the center of the state.This is a collection of those peoples psychologies thrown together when a whole family is murdered. CD has the problem that they were as sleazy a bunch as ever lived. No one cared that they were gone. Most, in fact, were glad to hear of it.CD solved a few other cases while he investigated this one, which he didnt solve. Then.Dutys CallImmins in another galaxy? You bet your last credit Maita will do something about it!In the Flight of the Maita series the Immins were a race of people who caused nothing but trouble anywhere they were found. They were racially borderline insane. The females wanted to be queen of the universe, the males would go along with them on anything. Maita and crew had fought them for decades, finally confining them to their home planet.Now they were in another galaxy. Maita felt it was its duty to get rid of them.... Or So the Gods SaidClint is having an unwanted discussion on the bus with a priest from the Church of Absolute Truth in Life .. or something such. The conversation gets weird. There are always a few nutcases here, so he doesn’t think much of it – until the murders. It seems that, wherever the preacher goes, there are murders. The preacher is not a killer. What is going on? What does stolen art have to do with it?The von Artle LegacyA ghost story based on a true experience. I dont believe in ghosts, but something very strange happened there. The people I call the Whites called me the way suggested. White wasnt their name, and the location is changed.This took place a few years ago. Computer addresses werent what they are now. One simply used a modem that called a telephone number. Fax machines were just on the market. Computer viruses were something only a few people, experts like Tom White, had even heard of. CDs were in the early stages, but it was fairly apparent they would become important so White and other experimenters were using them.I wrote this on the old Atari 520ST. Sort of a tribute to what happenedDeadly RoutineA woman returns from Europe, where she was at meetings about merging her company with another. Her husband, a drunk and philanderer, is stabbed to death while she is in the bath upstairs. It looks more and more like she killed him, but Nick cant swallow that.Then the gay coalition becomes involved. Then some people who are never quite in focus.Nick finds what is likely and goes to Isla Tintada, where he and the party pretend to be gangsters who were using the husband in an embezzlement scheme.Then how did those millions end up in the bank there - when the company didnt gross ten percent of what was there in cash?

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    • Ano de Edição: 2012
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001027917652
    • ISBN:  9781465796226

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