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Upon leaving the Illuminati Satanist sacrifice camp utterly destroyed, Carter and his load of rescued young girls follow backroads as much as possible to avoid the black-uniformed police. Carter can barely comprehend that in just a few days America has been turned upside down. The police stop them just twice. Once in a small Kansas town where they witness people being dragged out of a gun store and arrested, with a nearby National Guard officer with a clipboard listing registered gun owners and sellers. Seven-year-old Jocelyn--who is taking over Carter's heart and replacing the missing Dodie--nearly gets abducted. The second time they get stopped is at the state line with Nebraska. They hope conditions in Nebraska are different, and can see about 500 yards ahead a second group of people at the actual state line. They are ordered to get out of the pickup but are pretty sure that's a bad idea so Carter floors it and they leave under a hail of gunfire. The second group of people at the actual line is a militia, who returns fire and they escape. Western Nebraska is free, and they soon arrive at Carter's sister;'s farm in North Dakota. The Illuminati's plan had been for the gun confiscation to happen quickly. It didn't. North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho and Wyoming have formed Free America. The militias that quickly rose soon blocked the super-soldiers that joined the black-uniformed police. The super soldiers had been in suspension (hibernation, sometimes for a hundred years) quietly hidden in FEMA camps. But those just out of hibernation are awkward and somewhat like cyborgs. During the first attack on the farm they are easy to kill. By the second attack they have learned and are not so easy to kill: head shots only! In Book 2 seven-year-old Jocelyn by proxy takes the place of the missing six-year-old Dodie, and brings new life to the heartbroken Carter and Chantal, and begins sharing the viewpoint. (Readers, this little girl will win your heart.)

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    • Ano de Edição: 2015
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001121588802
    • ISBN:  9781310577499

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