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Oddball CollectionAlligators Aint AllAl Rhamer discovers a body by the canal. It is mutilated a bit. The police say it was Old Rocky, the local alligator.Al doesnt accept that for one second. The body was dry. A gator takes its prey into the water, and other things.Al investigates, along with one of the police. It leads to some kind of deal where the FBI becomes involved.Good BiA sort of study of a bi-sexual life in the discovery stages.Mike discovers he is a sex addict. He decides to be honest about it. He stays with a gay man he met in high school and with a woman he was trying to date, and with two men from the office, and with anyone who could spare the time and energy.He realises this cant continue. He and the gay man and his favorite woman friend go on a trip to the mountains where he comes to grips with his life. He discovers why he is like he is.MirrorsMerlin Tyana is a mysterious hero who appears, always during a thunderstorm, when there is a murder or other crime. He uses the knowledge of the characters involved to lead THEM to a solution, then fades into the sunset.Merlin Tyana uses the names of two famous historical/mythical sages, Merlin of King Arthurs Court fame and Apollonius of Tyana.Most people know about Merlin, but not a great many know of Apollonius of Tyana.I will leave it to the reader who cares to research either or both of those legends. They are important here only in that the names were used in deriving that of my hero.KariA story of two conflicting societies, one an engineered race designed to be slaves and the engineers who made them. The engineers are returning to the colonized world many years later.Can a mutant from these engineered docile people lead a revolt that will free his people?Robert Cole Todd/Space ServicesTodd is the youngest person to ever be graduated from the Space Services Academy. He passes a test he didnt know he was taken and is given a commission. He goes on a discovery mission, the first to ever pilot a Manta Class scout ship. He finally has to face a revolt by the military on Earth.The ColonyVardan Herkth is sorcerer for the realm. He has a barbarian sidekick.There are strange happenings in the Sawtooth Mountains. It seems a sorcerer from another land is planning to take over the two kingdoms on this continent.Var is Lord of the Fogs. He works with some strange plant people from another plane to thwart this plot.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2012
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001027942494
    • ISBN:  9781476396903

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