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The deafening noise of artillery and bomb blasts drew closer as civilians cower in their homes hiding in the least imaginable places. The battle for this particular town had waged on for three days. Casualty figures were rising, the African Combat Force (ACF) was in fierce battle against the Gorilla Rebels. Their mission is to restore peace. When constituted authorities put personal interest ahead of public service, conflict of interest occur, this eventually degenerates to rebellion and anarchy. That was the case in this once beautiful country with a population of about 10 million and a thriving agro based economy. Problem began when gold and other precious stones were discovered in certain locations within the country about three years ago. The incumbent President sidelined other ethnic groups to favor his clansmen and few loyalists. This move did not go down well, other groups felt marginalized and vulnerable. A rebellion formed which attracted global attention. Peace talks took place within and outside the country, all affected parties were called upon to settle their grievances amicably; but no, the hatred had run too deep. Rather than talking through their issues, they chose the path of war. A path they would finally regret after massive damage had been done. "Celine follow me quickly" Granny said loudly as she hurried to the back of the house and opened the hidden door to a small storage space. "Hide in there and don't make any noise. This space can only contain one person. I'll find somewhere to hide. Don't come out until I come for you. The rebels are advancing and it'll be dreadfully horrible if they find us. Stay here my darling and be very quiet and still. I pray we'll survive this dangerous moment." "Grandma NO! Don't go, I'll squeeze to make room for the both of us, no Grandma, stay." Celine cried as she held her Grandmother tight at the wrist. She was scared, Granny was all she had as family. The bond they share was so strong, they understood each other too well. She was sixteen and endowed with the precious gifts of nature. Her beauty was rare, near perfect. "Stay here my darling, I promise I'll be fine, I'll find somewhere safe to hide. They won't find us. Don't worry, just do as I say my dear." Granny assured her with all the positive energy she could muster. Deep down she was scared, terrified of the fate that awaits them in a short while. She knew she would be of no use to the rebels if they found her, but what those brutes would do to her grandchild was what she dreaded. She bent down, kissed her precious Celine on the head and said a prayer "May GOD keep you my darling, we shall meet again and it'll be alright." She closed the door as Celine wept and kept saying "I love you Grandma" repeatedly then kept silent after few minutes. With slow movement, Granny walked to the kitchen, picked a stool and sat behind the large cupboard where she keeps her utensils. This is a good hideout if I keep quiet and still, she thought.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2018
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2020102101519
    • ISBN:  9781370309245

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