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    I Did It is a fun poem about creation, in this case creating a turkey on construction paper by using your handprint. I wrote this after completing degree work in college, so it is an homage to working hard on something and completing it while having fun doing so. The poem mentions (in the creation of this work of art) scissors, glue, glitter, tape, string, pasta, construction paper, resting time, eating time, and thanks and hanging your completed work on the refrigerator for joy and accolades.      This poem was written in ten stanzas of six lines each - for each stanza the first two lines rhyme, the third and the fifth line rhyme, line four has an internal and end of line rhyme, and line six always ends with 'construction paper'. While the structure of ten stanzas has been maintained as ten chapter breaks, each stanza has had its lines split-apart in order to preserve the intent (the pacing) of each line, and thus each line is given its own page; there may be instances, however, where managing the evolution of the poem in your mind, some lines have been split into multiple pages (making it so a chapter is not necessarily only six pages). There is a strict number of syllables per line. Lines one, three, four and five are always exactly ten syllables, line two is always eleven syllables and line six is always nine syllables. 

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