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    I Eat Leaves is a poem which has three animals telling a caterpillar what it should eat based on what they eat, and then they rush away. The caterpillar responds even though they don't wait to hear!     There are thirteen stanzas of four lines each, grouped into six sections. The first three groupings (of two stanzas each) and last two groupings (also of two stanzas each) have a rhyme scheme of ABAC DEDE, and the first stanza's second line is always 'caterpillar, caterpillar'; it is the only line whose syllable count is greater than five. Also, for those stanzas, the 'C' rhyme is the same (non-repeating word) in every instance. The fourth grouping (of three stanzas) rhyme ABAB.     The structure of thirteen stanzas has been broken up into six chapter breaks, but each stanza has had its lines split-apart in order to preserve the intent (the pacing) of each line, and thus each line may be given its own page; there may be instances, however, where managing the evolution of the poem in your mind, some lines have been split into multiple pages, or, multiple lines of a stanza remain on the same page (making it so a chapter is not necessarily equal to the count of lines of a stanza).  

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