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"GK Kingsley is a wonderful writer of verse. Her ability to make you smile is second to none. You can't help but appreciate the wit behind the words and her message of positivity always. She encourages you to laugh at yourself, the world, and all in it that tries us. It is often said, 'If you don't laugh you cry' ..... well thanks to GK Kingsley laughing is easy." Heather Pennicott, New Zealand "GK Kingsley's observational skills are second to none, she has an innate ability to encapsulate what we're all thinking into perfectly formed prose." Gill Poole, UK "GK's Scribblings always have me nodding in agreement whilst chuckling about all that life throws at us. An absolute gem." Sam Milns, UK "I'm an avid reader of GK Kingsley's Latest Scribblings. Covering a massive range of topics, they remain succinct, witty and jam packed full of genuine feeling and emotion." Vicky Boulton, UK "GK’s poems always seem to put a smile on my face. She has an uncanny knack of describing the idiosyncrasies between men and women that will make you 'laugh out loud' without being offensive. Simply, brilliant." Richard, UK. "Huge fan of GK's poems and rhymes - they really do make me smile." Carlie Lee, UK "GK Kingsley's poems are personal and every day situation creations which never fail to bring a smile to my face. I look forward to hearing more from this talented poet." Louise Gibney, UK "In her own unique style, GK Kingsley combines humor, wit and wisdom into pithy rhymes that are both entertaining and memorable. A good chuckle, if not hearty laughter, is assured when reading her astute, bite-sized observations of everyday life. Once you've read GK, you'll find once is not enough!" Rick Stephen, Alaska "I love her light-hearted rhymes, filled to the brim with everyday wisdom! My favorite is probably "Let Go": never has good advice been delivered in a gentler voice." Mariam Kobras, Germany "I always enjoy reading GK Kingsley's odes - incisive, witty, and she has a real knack of finding the humour in even the most mundane events. A book of her collected works is long overdue!" JudyM, UK "I love reading GK's work: Ranging from lively and fun to occasionally positively profound, but always thought-provoking, a GK Kingsley poem is just the daily tonic one needs!" Gavin Orr, Scotland "If laughter is one of the best forms of medicine, prepare to feel better." George Houguez, UK "Guaranteed to make you think and tickle your ribs." Lorraine Corneck, UK "I follow GK Kingsley Scribblings on Facebook - I have to say when they pop up onto my timeline they pick up my day with humour and cleverness!" Kerry Denton, UK "I really look forward to G K. Kingsley's random, pithy and witty scribblings (as she calls them) popping up on my PC. They never fail to brighten my day." Rob Henderson, UK "As we hardly read poetry these days, it's lovely to see that GK Kingsley manages to keep it alive, as well as throwing in bit of humour for good measure!" Lesley Jorgensen, UK "I cannot remember the number of times I laughed out loud while in danger of spilling my coffee. GK's unexpected conclusions to wholly mundane issues are deeply amusing." Jackie Keswick, UK "My habitual digital ritual is to enjoy a GK original minimal lyrical miracle." Papa Stas "Love seeing a new typically topical verse from GK pop up in Facebook, they always brighten up the moment and make me smile" Lin MacDonald-Worthy, UK "Sometimes funny, sometimes thought provoking, GK has the knack of taking topical events and extracting the key point in a way that is accessible to all." Karen O'Mahoney, UK "I do love waking up to GK's daily verse - most times they could have been written just for me..." Jaqui Somers, UK "Have you written any about me?..." GK's son, Planet Football "Have you written any about me?!..." GK's husband, Planet Patience

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    • Ano de Edição: 2013
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001121587508
    • ISBN:  9781310388262

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