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The definition of philosophy is the study of ideas about knowledge, truth, nature and the meaning of life. Most people seek out their own particular set of ideas about knowledge, truth, nature and the meaning of life.When I met Ryan Lessard, we both were kids chosen to be in a program for gifted youth at the Arnone School in Brockton,MA. It also was 1984, a golden era for learning, hip hop music , and Saturday morning cartoons. You see, we were the type of kids who had high intelligence and racing thoughts. Back then when teachers noticed this, they had you tested to see if you were being taught at the correct grade level. Kids like myself and Ryan were place in a program that pushed us to learn and encouraged us to dream. These days when the teacher sees kids like this, they instantly have Doctor’s put them on Adderal. This destroys the child’s ability to want to learn and also turns the dreams into nightmares. Thankfully seeds were planted in our minds at an early age, many years later these seeds have grown into full blown trees of knowledge. Ryan Lessard has learned that his cognitive, creative and emotive expression of “Random Thoughts and Poetry” comes from his attempt to find success and meaning within the social realities of his life that are characterized by blue collar living, loss, pain from watching loved one’s suffer from disease, and urban decay.This brings us to his latest Book “My Fro-Losophy”. Fro-losophy is striving to be authentic, finding an original voice and expressing the reality of your situation. Fro-losophy is when you listen to that inner voice, that inner self and be yourself at all costs. This book is a good start. Just like the teachers we had in the gifted program, Ryan Lessard is planting seeds in your mind. Open up your soul, and let those seeds bear fruit yo!-King Shemrok Christ

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    • Ano de Edição: 2015
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000944875632
    • ISBN:  9781311212566

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