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THE BOOK In every book there are a lot of chapters. They're so full of emotions. Read the cover before you open. It will kinda tell you what you'll find inside but books can be tricky; you might be surprised. Books are like people, they're in line with life. Everybodys a character or a chapter, depending on the book you buy. Some don't read, like thats a big surprise. They don't understand the character of their lives. It's always a trick. People think there slick. Always trying to get their way, no matter what it takes. Close that book. It was a mistake. You're the author of the book of your life. You have to be careful of the characters you choose. You don't want to be on Snapped or on the evening news. Life is funny. We all have an exit and an entrance. How the book is written has a lot to do with paying attention. Life is cruel but we have to see it through. That's how dreams come true. What you see in a character, youre probably right; never estimate the will to fight. Wouldnt it be easier just be in love with all GOD'S creation like the heaven up above? Not living in evil because we're all equally yoked with all brothers and sisters; that should mean the most. Theres so much information that you can get in a book. If it pertains to you then you might get hooked. There are so many stories that live inside me. Some of heroes, some of lies, some of love and some of pain; some of thunder and some of rain; some of struggle and some of gain. Some repeats itself again and again, another brick wall; when will it end? Not understanding the lesson is the perfect sin. Pay attention to the book. We can't give in. Life is too short. It comes with a shield and sword to fight off your demons. It tries to take your soul and mind. Protect yourself. Leave that book behind. Life can be so confusing and hard to learn. Treat others like you want to be treated; that should be rule number one. Love people like theyre your only son. Not saying fall into the trap; ask your Heavenly Father for guidance, he's got your back! There's a history book. It has guidance and survival. Pick it up, it's called The Bible.I'm saying that anything you want to find out is in there. Don't give up your search until you find your purpose. GOD'S got you on a mission, just pay attention. Enjoy your life. Live like theres no tomorrow. Keep in mind that our life is borrowed. Be a great character, it doesn't matter how long it took. Live to love. Enjoy your book THE BOOK

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2014
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2020100085651
    • ISBN:  9781493165254

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