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The Ostrich Roar is a single poem using rich imagery that brings the reader into a fantasy world of animals as people. It speaks to the urge to be unique, to do something meaningful in not only your own eyes but also in the eyes of your fellows. We meet the young ostrich striving to be recognized as a unique individual (in essence, rebelling against the current status-quo) and follow him through his successes, culminating in his rejoining the ostrich society. The Ostrich Roar is written in five-line stanzas, 4 lines of 8 syllables (iambic tetrameter, each ending with the same rhyme) followed by a 5th line of 6 syllables (a truncated Iambic tetrameter line), where each stanza's 5th line rhymes. In this digital edition, the four rhyming lines of a stanza are on the same page, with the fifth line on it's own page. Every three stanzas are further differentiated by assignment as their own seperate sub-chapter. I did, purposefully, mispell Ostrich within the poem! 

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