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The Poetry Of Rudyard Kipling, Volume 3. Poetry is a fascinating use of language. With almost a million words at its command it is not surprising that these Isles have produced some of the most beautiful, moving and descriptive verse through the centuries. In this series we look at individual poets who have shaped and influenced their craft and cement their place in our heritage. Here we look at the works of Rudyard Kipling; that great Victorian, that great writer of Empire, that great man; from The Jungle Book to The Man Who Would Be King to a great and voluminous poet with works of the calibre of If and On The Road To Mandalay a man at the top of his craft and always aware of his affect on the minds of us mere mortals. With our almost religious zeal to categorise and pigeon hole everything it should come as little surprise that one of the poems we learnt at school should so regularly be voted the best ever poem. Whether If.. deserves that credit or not is irrelevant to this empire wandering artist who was not only a fine story teller but a great poet of the Empire, its people and views. In today society some of what he had to say was undoubtedly wrong but of its time and we can learn much from that as well as all that was good about his other work. In this third volume he may not quite reach the heights but the situations, characters and subjects stand out under his knowing gaze. Some of these poems may have lain forgotten but deserve to again be part of his fine canon of works. Many of the poems are also available as an audiobook from our sister company Portable Poetry. Many samples are at our youtube channel The full volume can be purchased from iTunes, Amazon and other digital stores. Among our readers are Richard Mitchley and Ghizela Rowe. Index Of Poems; A Preface; For All We Have And Are; A Dead Statesman; A Ballade Of Jacko Hill; An American; False Dawn; An Imperial Rescript; Arithmetic On The Frontier; Evil Land; Ford O Kabul River; Army Headquarters; Back To The Army Again; Gethsemane; Beast And Man In India; Boots; France; Buddha At Kamakura; Certain Maxims Of Hafiz; Cold Iron; Cholera Camp; Christmas In India; Brown Bess; Dirge Of The Dead Sisters; Death Of A Believer; Divided Destinies; Gods Of The East; Hadramauti; Hymn Before Action; How it All Began; Gypsy Vans; Jubal And Tubal Cain; Late Came The God; Kitcheners School; In The Matter Of Ones Compass; London Stone; Mesopotamia; Mowglis Brothers; Natural Theology; One Viceroy Resigns; Old Fighting Men; Prophets At Home; Public Waste; Philadelphia; Soldier An Sailor To; Route Marchin; Russia To The Pacifists; The Ballad Of Ahmed Shah; The Broken Men; The Burial; The Choice (The American Spirit Speaks); The City Of Brass; The Declaration Of London; The English Way

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    • Ano de Edição: 2009
    • Ano:  2009
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000175116443
    • ISBN:  9781780008073

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