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Hi Again: Hey, how have you been? Don't let, the prose fool you, this is just, the intro it's not a poem. Anyways, how long has it been? I know, it's probably only been about a year, but time moves fast, at the same time slow, maybe that's why 2017 felt so long, seriously, do you feel like, 2017 was a really long year, like longer than any year before it? I'm not joking, is it just me, or is something really strange going on, please write me back, & let me know your thoughts on this. Let me know, not only your thoughts on this, but your thoughts on the world, on me on yourself, let me know how you're feeling, I know we've drifted apart about, but I'm still out here, & you're still out here, & we are not alone, as lonely as we sometimes feel, you can always write me, you can always visit me, I will always welcome you, with open arms, with an open door, with an open mind, with an open heart, honestly, please come see me sometimes, you always have a place here, & that's the truth... Now, what about this new book, how did it come about, why was it written? Well, like many great things, it was spontaneous, & unplanned, I was in Sydney (actually I still am), I'd just checked into a highrise loft, someone fed me some drugs, & I totally freaked out. Anyone that knows me, knows I am usually straight edge, I don't even drink or smoke cigs, so I super flipped out in public. I left the club I'd been invited to, not even saying goodbye, to the band that invited me, went back to the loft & wrote this book. I'm calling it, 'The Sydney Sessions', for obvious reasons, & subtitling it '12 Steps'. 12 steps, because it's kinda like, a road to recovery, or a wake-up call. Originally, I'd planned on putting out, volume 2 of The Holy Trilogy this month, but it seemed rushed, then, I wasn't going to release anything, at all for the holidays, I was just going to wait, then, I got fed, an experimental drug, & proceeded to write, 12 poems, in 4 hours, then spent, 2 days editing them. I met, an amazingly gifted artist, here in Sydney, & instantly asked him, to design the cover for the book, his name is Sam Shenna, & not only did he do an epic cover, but his name coincides, with the “S” theme that exists here. The Sydney Sessions, 12 Steps, Sam Shenna, it all kinda makes sense. Anyways, here you go, here are The 12 Steps, kinda a little love letter to you. I know this world, looks like it's going crazy, that we're living in some sort of Sci-Fi, & that nothing seems real, & maybe that's okay, maybe that means we can create, our own future, & do with it what we wish, & even though, a lot of things have changed this year, one thing remains the same, always has & always will, & I still love you... Happy Holidays, Peace & Love, Strength & Guidance. Yours Truly, -Aaron La Lux- Sydney, Australia December 12th 2017 ?

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    • Ano de Edição: 2017
    • Ano:  2017
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001121036525
    • ISBN:  9781981605934

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