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Author Giftus Johns goal for his home island of Dominica is to reach to the top of the mountaina milestone of greatnessdespite all the difficulties it faces. Although Dominicans may leave their home in pursuit of other dreams, he believes that someday they will return to a better land. Building on this idea, Verses from atop the Mountain expresses Johns passion and concern for events in his homeland and his hopes that its negative situations will soon be remedied. This anthology of poems focuses on an array of topics: politics, nature, culture, love of country, abuse, life and death, and human behavior. Poems such as The Migrants Song, also explore the conditions that Dominicans may encounter in their adopted homelands, like the United States. Although there are hurdles to navigate for Dominica, as John makes clear in the last poem of the collection, Living in Hope, there is hope for the future. Sharing one mans deep love for the land he still calls home, Verses from atop the Mountain presents poetry that invites you to experience the beauty and unique life of Dominica. *** Verses From Atop The Mountain is the essential expression from the heart of a passionate patriot, who maintains a determined stance of struggling purpose within the diaspora, as Dominica, his beloved island home, where nature abounds, beckons. I Wait For Spring, illustrates that nostalgic longing quite eloquently. Giftus John is obviously involved with life in Dominica. The wealth of topic selections is rivaled only by the surprising and yet simple and accessible twists of phrases that embellish the work and bring joy to the reader, as it leans on colorful contrasting symbols embedded in Nature. In The Village Awakens, one of my favorites, Giftus paints a lively picture of a village in Dominica that warms the soul of those who have experienced the unlocking of the secret of Dominican rural life. Like him, we all have smiled in awe at the beauty of the simple life that surrounds us. In What Is Freedom? another of my favorites, Giftus challenges almost everyones view of the word freedom. He is mad about the abuse of the doctrine of the right to free speech. He questions ones interpretation of freedom of association, and of freedom to be red, green, or blue, or to be gay, or straight. What is freedom? he asks. Is it just a word? Verses From atop the Mountain is a delightful journey and a must have book for anyone interested in Dominican, and Caribbean poetry. Ophelia Olivacc-Marie

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    • Ano de Edição: 2015
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2020100865246
    • ISBN:  9781491760529

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