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Rise of a Terrorist is the fourth book in a series involving terrorism in the United States. Each of the books stand on their own. Rise of a terrorist re-introduces SASA, an acronym for “Secret Anti-Subversive Agency.” It’s a Government Agency headquartered in Fort Meade , Maryland, that was formed to strickly counter terrorist activity in America and worldwide, wherever terrorists are planning harm against the United States. SASA is led nationally by it’s Chief John Bennit. The main character Agent Carl Downey is back in this book along with the Agent-in-Charge of the Boston office Loreen Thompson. A developing character, Agent Karen Beals creates a new SASA team In Boston prepared to profile Muslims within the United States and World wide. Karen’s research leads her to follow a Muslim family, that from its modest and pious beginningschanges for many reasons to burning hatred for the United States. Agent Beals follows that family as it rises to power within the Muslim hierachy. As Karen continues her research the terrorist groups make several action packed attempts to attack the United States. In each case they are met head on by Agent Carl Downey and other teams of SASA Agents. Carl realizes it’s impossible to thwart every terrorist attack but he has a knack for thinking one step ahead of the terrorist Jihads. He manages in some cases to stop them and in other instances to reduce the carnage. Rise of a terrorist is filled with action scenes with many twists and turns. The story is all to plausible and very much in tune to todays terrorist filled world. Rise of a Terrorist has many realistic scenes, that are well researched. It sites several actual web sites that have horrifying implications. It’s loaded with historical facts and historical fiction. Many cryptic clues are presented to the reader that are clues that SASA and the reader will be able to walk through and crack together. There are several bits of trivia information involved. There is wit and banter between the characters. Non-graphic and often comical sex scenes are laced throughout the storyline. Many phrases from the author are his original thinking. This is a story that shouldn’t be missed. It takes the reader into many action scenes around the United States and overseas. A clear viewpoint on the differences in the Muslim Sunni and Shiite religions is presented. The author shares a lot of well researched information that will give the reader an insight into many of the problems the United States currently faces in attempting to prevent the growth of home grown, “Lone Wolf “terrorists. It explains how the terrorists are managing to infiltrate our society and continue to recruit new members to their jihad causes. The storyline flows in two separate directions that eventually tie together, The reader will follow the exploits of Carl Downey and other SASA Agents as they arrenpt to prevent terrorist activity. At the same time they reader will see a Muslim family overseas develop and rise through the ranks of the terrorist jihadists. Action, love, humor, fear and terrrism all roll together to create a well researched and realistic story for the reader to enjoy. This E novel “Rise of a Terrorist,” ties together nicely the three previous books from the Author, by involving and mentioning many of the same characters from the books, “Cyber Attack,” “Shabahh the Phantom Terrorist,” and “Dual Mission.” Each book however stands on its own and can be enjoted independently. Reading this book will likely tease you to later read the three earlier srories.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2015
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000959825158
    • ISBN:  9781483559681

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