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Ahnna Excii works so many hours in her father's pleasure clone production lab she has no time for a personal life. It's no wonder she's become so starved for sex that she's willing to sneak into the lab after hours and find satisfaction with a clone that's a replica of the queen's favorite bed slave. Security is tight in the lab because one of the queen's crown jewels is kept there, so she has to be careful not to get caught… Supevas is there to steal that jewel, not expecting to see a woman having sex with a replica who looks exactly like him. He and his friend Fayd want to escape their lives as royal bed slaves and the stone is their key to freedom. Supevas decides to change places with the replica of himself that she was enjoying. He'll keep her carnally entertained while his partner steals the stone. What none of them realize is that the stone is in the lab for a very important reason and it will entangle all of them in its sensual spell before its secret is revealed… Praise for The Cloner's Daughter "A short foray into an erotic playland.... Well written and smoothly flowing, The Cloner's Daughter was an exciting read." 4 Angels! -- Hayley, Fallen Angel Reviews "The Cloner's Daughter by Isabella Jordan is like a cute little cupcake; short, sweet, delicious and delightful. The good news is that Ms. Jordan's little delight is calorie free indulgence." --Keely Skillman, Ecataromance Sensual

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