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Book One: Falling In A Moment Elle Cinder’s world was turned upside down a year ago with her father's death and the loss of her inheritance, and now she works as a cleaning woman, hoping that one day she can return to school. She has found that her heart is too broken by her father's betrayal to believe in love or that she will ever find it. That is until her friend Claire forces her to come to an exclusive party as support. But little does Elle know that she will meet one of the three Charmant brothers. The brothers who run their family's diverse empire. In the youngest brother Luke, Elle finds a man who is her intellectual equal and whose mere presence has started her heart on a healing path. For Luke, upon setting eyes on Elle, he is finally able to experience the ‘click’ his mother and father have always talked about, describing it as the moment when two souls recognize one another as their match. It is how his parents met: they clicked on a subway, and for Luke, a love like that of his parents is all he has ever wanted. But falling in love in the span of a few hours is the easy part; for Elle, letting go of the pain of the last year and allowing her heart to heal will be much harder. Can a modern woman have a fairy tale style happily ever after? Book Two: Chasing Love When Claire Mather agrees to be her best friend Elle’s bridesmaid, she inadvertently agrees to walk down the aisle with Elle’s fiancé’s brother, Jonathan Charmant. Jonathan doesn’t believe in love, and finds all the comfort and fulfillment he needs in the newest technology and in the many women who throw themselves at him. But once Claire and Jon meet at the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding, all the pre-conceived ideas they had fly out the window. Jon cannot understand why Claire wants nothing to do with him, and he goes on a mission to win her affections enough to bed her, but when the challenge proves too much, and growing feelings start to complicate his plan, Jon doesn’t know if his way of life is really as fulfilling any longer. While Claire battles the desire to learn from her mistake in the past when it comes to Mr. Charmant, and not give him the option of breaking her heart again, Claire finds the many masks he wears unappealing, and Jon, in a bid to change her opinion of him, lets the mask slip and offers her the chance to view the man he keeps from the world. Claire still remains distrustful, but will the real Jon, not the playboy or the technology guru, break through her icy walls enough that they both may find something they never quite expected? Book Three: The Billionaire’s Assistant Julia has been Andrew Charmant’s shadow for the past five years, doing whatever needs to be done and whatever is asked of her. She’s been his perfect assistant, but she’s hated her job working for a man who at times is little more than a beast. But all her feelings changed when, six months ago, she found herself in bed with her boss and addicted to the passion he brings to the bedroom; if only he could be so passionate during day light hours. Julia can no longer take having a man in the bed and a beast as a boss, and she resolves to put in her resignation. But Andrew Charmant doesn’t want to let her go, and he promises to do whatever it takes to keep her around, even if it means putting down his walls and letting another woman get close to him. He doesn’t see a problem in keeping himself at a distance from people emotionally, especially when years before he had his heart and pride crushed by his vicious ex-wife, Eva. Julia is dedicated to bringing the man out of the beast, and Andrew, for the sake of keeping the best assistant he has ever had, may have to let her. What happens when the assistant is the one making the demands? Can a love match occurs?

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001026624735
    • ISBN:  9781310184017
    • Faixa Etária:  a partir de 18 anos

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