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Samson Towers was on the run from the law when a dying man offered him the chance for a new life. Disguised as the law, a tin star his only protection, Samson traveled to Red Rock, Montana where he became Sheriff Matt Chambers. There he found that, for all his strength and quiet reserve, one woman could pierce his deception, threaten his new life, and win his heart—a complex temptress named Delilah. With her glossy black tresses and brilliant blue eyes, the widow Delilah Sterne drew many a male admirer’s hungry gaze. Now, dealing poker in Red Rock in an effort to help keep her sister’s ranch out of the hands of the bankers, the beautiful gambler found herself drawn to the town’s handsome sheriff, despite his promise to run her out of town if he catches her cheating. But the tension caused by the sheriff’s constant watchfulness caused a losing streak that Delilah couldn’t afford. Knowing that she had to get him out of her life, she came up with a plan that she thought would benefit both of them. But, as the truth was revealed, Delilah feared she’d played the wrong cards—and sentenced the man she loved to death. With her heart breaking, she knew that she must save Samson and prove that their love could exist. . . BEYOND BETRAYAL.  

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