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Books 2-5 of Big & Beautiful series... Lush & Lovely Being lush keeps her safe, being lovely keeps his attention. Claire doesn't trust men. Ever since her high school boyfriend forced himself on her, she's struggled to let a man close. To make sure no man would ever put her in that position again she gained weight. She was happier not living in fear. Somehow, though, Aidan snuck through her defenses. He became her friend first, getting to know her and earning her trust. Then he started asking her out. She said no, of course, but she wanted to say yes. But, really, a guy that looked like Aidan wasn't really serious about dating her. They were friends. He liked her, yes, but asking her out was simply a confidence booster. She knew he didn't mean anything by it. Until Aidan makes it clear he's not joking. He's not just saying he wants to go out with her. He's really, honestly interested. The only thing to figure out is if Claire's gotten to know him well enough that she'll trust him. And if Aidan is the man she hopes he is, or the man she fears in the darkness. Shapely & Stunning **Does this shapely woman have the guts to risk her heart, and her job, for her stunning boss? ** Love isn't in the realm of possibility for Lexi Mack. After her parents manipulated her love to get their way before and after their divorce, she knew love wasn't something she ever wanted. It would just leave her hurt, and she'd had enough pain to last a lifetime. Sex was another story though. Lexi could handle that. She needed it, and Mike Peterman was the perfect man to help her get that release. Until Mike wants to change things. When he becomes her boss, she's ready to end their friends-with-benefits relationship, but he wants to take things to a completely different level. Can Lexi get over her opposition to love, and dating the boss, and let Mike in? Or is she destined to be alone forever? Bulky & Beauteous **She's bulky, lackluster, and reliable, but she longs to be beauteous, lively, and reckless. ** Addison James is the woman who is always there for everyone. Constantly offering a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, or two hands to hold back your hair when you vomit, Addi is always there. She's the one person you never have to question if she'll be around, because she always is. But when Addi's world is flipped, spun, and kicked off its axis, and her good deeds and predictable personality get thrown in her face, Addi decides to become someone else. Sick of being pushed around, she takes a play out of her irresponsible sister's playbook and puts herself first for once. Joey is a ski bum with no future. He plays for a living. And he gets Addi's motor running in a way it's never been before. Who better to jump start her conversion to wild and free Addi than the ski instructor who melts snow as fast as the resort can make it? When disaster strikes, and Addi is called into question, who will come out on top... dependable, responsible Addi or wild, carefree Addi? Fat & Fine **In the mirror she's fat. In his eyes she's fine. ** After her ex insults her and breaks up with her, Sam is determined to show him exactly what he missed out on. Sam's hurt, but Sam's no push over. She's equally mad, too. And determined to make him eat his words. Questioning if any man will ever look at her like she's beautiful, Sam joins a local gym. She's led around by Brady, the gym's owner, and is more than a little intimidated by him. His intensity scares her, but something about him intrigues her more than she cares to admit. When Brady defends Sam and tells her she's beautiful, she struggles to accept his words. As Sam works to figure out who she is, and what she really wants to do with her career and life, Brady's strong and silent presence builds her confidence. Until Brady dismisses her, making her think he's just as bad as her ex. And that she'll never find someone who truly cares for her.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2017
    • Ano:  2017
    • País de Produção: Brazil
    • Código de Barras:  2001121672655
    • ISBN:  1230001696196

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