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In the exclusive world of New York Society, Darcy Snow Statton’s wealth and bloodline place her at the very top of the city’s elite. Yet, for all her jewelry and dazzling ballroom gowns, Darcy has no freedom. While their husbands quadruple their fortunes, proper ladies engage in polite parlor chatter and stringent etiquette. Darcy’s husband, Claude Statton, us a man of uncertain birth but enormous wealth, a man whose polished exterior belies his dark habits and the unspeakable plans he ahs for his wife. Darcy is a prisoner off Claude’s Fifth Avenue mansion and she has sworn to escape or die trying. One snowy night, former Pinkerton agent Tavish Finn discovers Darcy attempting to flee. Though he is an acquaintance of Claude Statton, he has a way of extracting the truth from the gilded lies of the rich and he knows shocking secrets about Darcy’s husband. He knows that Darcy is suffocating in her rarefied prison and in Tavish’s eyes, Darcy sees a glimmer of hope…and a blessed promise of freedom. The excitement and grandeur of America at the turn of the century provide a glittering backdrop for Blind Trust, a story of passage and growth, of cool danger and heated greed, and of the passionate struggle waged by one woman determined to break free of the chains of convention.

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