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Indulge in a darkly decadent and sinfully sensual world. A world where vampires are real, rich and hungry, a world where Blood Courtesans satisfy all their needs. Come, let fangs slip into your throat and awaken you to a whole new life. A boxed set of BRAND NEW stories in this popular series. Warning: This isn't your momma's vampire romance. It's not Twilight or the Shade, either. It's Blood Courtesans: Luxury, fast cars, adventure, whirlwind romance and cold, hard fangs. REVEALED by Michelle Fox:  My target is a vampire with a name fit for a Greek God--Zopyros Persopoulos--and he looks the part too. He runs Datagenex and it's his DNA database that will reveal why my blood kills vampires. I just need to get him alone and not fall into that smoldering gaze of his that makes me feel like I'm on fire. EXPOSED by Gwen Knight: Asher promises that he can help me bring justice to those responsible for my sister's murder. But in exchange, I need to become his courtesan. COMPELLED by Rebecca Rivard: He's a vampire. She's a slayer. They can't fall in love, can they? SACRIFICE by Kristen Strassel: Pierce ripped Olivia out of the arms of the coven's biggest enemy. To earn his trust, the newly-turned vampire must serve as his blood courtesan. ETERNITY by Tami Lund: I was a Blood Courtesans, until my vampire ended our contract and swore to stay away from me forever more. Now I'm in trouble and he's the only one who can help, but will he come?  CONDEMNED by Julia Mills: It's now or never. My brother is sentenced to die for a crime he didn't commit. His only hope is an attorney who's also a vampire, but his price is nonnegotiable -my body and my blood. This is about survival, not love or happily ever after - or is it?  CONCEALED by Rosalie Redd: I'm a new blood courtesan and my first client is a vampire other courtesans avoid. Although Gavin Morris sends a chill down my spine, my shivers aren't from fear... RELIC * *by TL Reeve I never thought I would need a vampire. But, after mymom steals a priceless artifact from the New Orleans Coven, I become a pawn intheir dirty game. In order to survive, I have to do the one thing I promisedmyself I'd never do. EMBOLDENED by Ever Coming: Jasper came roaring into my life almost two decadesago when he rescued me from certain death. Now it's my turn to save the sexyvampire. Only problem is, he doesn't want my help. UNDONE by Skye Jones: I hate rich people and vampires, so when I meet adrop dead handsome man that is both, I want to despise him. But I need his helpand put my principals to one side. What starts out as a way of securing myfreedom becomes so much more, and soon I'm in too deep mind, body, and soul. REFRAIN by Susan Griscom: My first Blood Courtesan client turns out to be theman of my dreams, the sexy-as-sin vampire rock star I've lusted after since Iwas a teen, but he wants nothing to do with me or what I have to offer, but making him accept me may be the only way for me to stay alive.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2018
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001121668382
    • ISBN:  9781386558132

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