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Wendy I know it’s wrong. He kidnapped me, yet, I’m falling in love with this dangerous man. And what’s worse is that it’s because of my father’s debt… I could be angry, but Oliver Rucci, makes me feel hot and safe.   Now my whole world has turned upside down, and the only thing I want is Oliver and all the danger that comes with his touch. Will an experienced older man take on a younger woman like me? Oliver She’s supposed to settle his debt. But why the h-ll did he have to use her, his own blood? And why am I so riled up and irritated with her around? Wendy’s body is worth more than the billions her father owes me. I have to get my money back… but I can’t bring myself to use her to do it. Plus, I got another problem on my back, it seems like another debt collector has it out for her too… **Debt Boss is a novella length romance with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and one huge HEA!*** Excerpt: My tits feel big for once. But this pole is cold as hell. This is only the first week that I’ve become a stripper at the tender age of twenty years old. It’s not like my parents will take care of me. If only they existed in my life. But that’s fine. I just hope that I look good doing these basic moves on the pole. For the first time I feel more self conscious than I usually do. I’ve never asked myself if my boobs looked too small or if my butt looked plump enough.   I look at all the other women here in the club, and I know my skinny little body could never match up to theirs… well it probably could, but it’d take a few years and some extra pounds.  As I’m swirling around on the pole I observe my surroundings. The music is pumping and the lights are low. Hues of red and blue surround me as I swirl around the pole and try my best to do a flip or two without landing on my head.  That’s when my eyes land on him.  The man at the entrance. Our eyes just locked and it made me stop dancing. Suddenly I felt even more insecure. If it weren’t for the other women around me to help me boost my confidence and the money flying everywhere, I’d have stopped and ran away like a immature girl with a crush. But me? Immature? I know I still had my v-card, but looking at this man made me want to run. Not in a bad sense, but like a, ‘oh shit, daddy’s here’ kind of sense.  My god, he starts walking over to me and I begin to dance again. I need this money and I need to not look like an ever loving fool on the pole.  Come on, think, Wendy. Twirl here, twist there, do a flip. “You’re very pretty.” That’s it, I land on my ass like a pathetic fool. He looks down at me even though I’m on a raised platform and offers me his hand. No, I’m a big girl, so I get up on my own, struggling in my stiletto heels and cling to the pole as if I’m on some rocking boat and I’ll fly off the platform to the other side of the room. His eyes are burning my body, like I can  feel his eyes inspecting my body. It makes me nervous, but his eyes, they look so kind. I can tell he’s much older by the thin lines that frame his smile. It’s sexy. Very sexy.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2017
    • Ano:  2017
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001121131299
    • ISBN:  9781386608783

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