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Depressed after the death of her beloved parents in a plane crash, Marilee Richards has difficulty getting her life back on course. When she meets Mitch Cloutier he helps her cope with her grief, handle her affairs, and places an engagement ring on her finger. But there is a price to pay for her good luck for he refuses to let go. Raised by her parents to be independent and make her own decisions, she finds his controlling ways unacceptable. Hoping he will come to his senses and realize their breakup is due to his possessiveness, she returns his ring, leaves town, and finds employment at a mountain ski lodge as a receptionist and après hostess. An attraction soon blossoms between Marilee and her new employer, Jim Lawson. Although she wants to have someone in her life someday who won’t claim total ownership of her mind and body, she determines that can’t happen until her relationship with Mitch is settled. And it can’t happen with Jim whose life, too, appears to be floundering. Just when she’s beginning to relax and look forward to the next day, an insistent Mitch appears, claiming he’s changed and wanting another chance. When he continues to pursue her, a reluctant Marilee finds herself making her decision—not the one she wants to make but because she has no choice.

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