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Love bad boys and the feisty women who tame them? Find intrigue, excitement and passion in this four book box set of the complete Falling for a Bad Boy series. This Beautiful Stranger: Book 1 I’ve always been a good girl. Nerdy Nancy, straight A student. Maybe that’s why I’m attracted to the college bad boy. Maybe that’s why, when Connor Black walks into my life, I can’t keep away. He’s everything I’m not: popular, confident, rich— and as self-destructive as hell. We’re from different worlds. He’s the son of a senator, I’m a small-town girl from a broken home. It can’t work between us. I know he’ll break my heart. I know he’ll chew me up and spit me out. But tell that to my body. It doesn’t care. It’s had a taste of him and needs more.   But dare I step into his world when it might destroy us both? Chasing Fire: Book 2 I should have the perfect life, right? I’m Ryan Miller: football star, playboy, party animal. I have it all. Good looks, wealth, fame. And a football career every kid dreams of. My life should be perfect but it’s not. I drink too much. I fight too much. I wake up in bed with a different girl every morning. I’m looking for something. I just don’t know what. That is, until Pippa Anderson walks into my life. She’s beautiful, intelligent and might just be able to fill the big black hole inside my heart. But Pippa has a secret. Something she won’t tell me. Something she won’t tell anyone. I need to get her to trust me. Trouble is, I don’t know where to start. And do I want to know the truth? Gripped: Book 3 There is no such thing as a hero. If you want justice in this world you make it yourself. That’s why I became a lawyer. I don’t trust anyone, not since the night I saw my mother murdered. But when tattooed, gorgeous Cole Davies saves my life from the very criminals I swore to fight, my armor begins to crumble. He’s dangerous. He has dark secrets. I know I should walk away but I can’t. I want to peel back his layers, see what lies beneath. But I’m terrified of what I’ll find there. I’ve been broken for a long time. I had a life once. A future. Then I made a mistake and that future was shattered. Now I live in a world of violence, where everyone is out for themselves and you have to watch your back. I trust no one. Until I meet Olivia. She’s intelligent, beautiful. And dangerous. I should walk away but I can’t. She’s breaking down my walls. But if I let her, I’ll lose her. I can’t be her hero. No matter how much I want to be. Touchpaper: Book 4 Can love really get a second chance? I never thought I’d see Damon McGregor again. As children we were best friends. We laughed together. Cried together. Did everything together. That is, until the night I asked Damon to do something that changed our relationship forever. We haven’t spoken in three years. So, when I visit a friend at college and bump into him again, I’m shocked to the core. I’m shocked by how attractive he’s become. I’m shocked at how cool and confident he’s become. But most of all, I’m shocked by the way my body reacts to him. I’m shocked at badly I want him, need him, like a fire burning in my veins. Could he be the same man I used to know? Or is he the cold, arrogant alpha male his reputation suggests? And do I really want to take the risk of finding out?    

Detalhes do Produto

    • Formato:  ePub
    • Subtítulo:  (BOOKS 1-4)
    • Origem:  IMPORTADO
    • Editora: KWL
    • Assunto: Romances
    • Idioma: INGLÊS
    • Ano de Edição: 2018
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: Brazil
    • Código de Barras:  2001121882191
    • ISBN:  1230002100715

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