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Geek Girl Dillon meets Hairy CavemanDillon is sent back in time and keeps running into trouble.Urrgh is a typical cave man. A man of few words and a lot of hair.Urrgh saves Dillons life. Dillon is grateful. Urrgh wants Dillon. He takes her.Om-ba wants Dillon too. He kidnaps her and has his way with her.Ebook has: time travel, dangerous beasts, cave men, geeky woman, horny cave men, oral sex, doggie position sex, forced sex, a giant spider, a cave bear, a river monster, and a Saber Tooth Tiger. All monsters and people are over 18.Excerpt (edited):When she did not reply in a timely manner, Urggh responded in typical male fashion. He picked her up and slung her over his shoulder, turned and marched deeper into the cave.“Put me down, Urrgh!” Dillion demanded, beating on his back. That had all the effect of a feather.Half dozen of the men and several of the women began hooting and jumping up and down, pointing at them and shouting “Urrgh! Meeena! Un-golw!”Urrgh carried her deeper into the cave and tossed her down upon a pile of furs. He sat down beside her and poked her in the chest.“Meeena. Un-golw.” He said. “Meeena! Un-golw!” He took her hand and put it against his chest. “Meeena? Un-golw?”“Uh oh.” She said. “I said that back at the river. I didn’t know what it means.”Urggh removed his furs and started toward her grinning.“I take that back,” she said under her breath, backing away, “I know exactly what it means.”Urrgh shoved her down upon the furs and began licking and kissing her neck.His hand strayed to her body and he cupped her mound with his calloused hand starting delicious feelings to radiate outward from the source.His hairy body rubbing against her was titillating and sensuous. She felt the coiled steel in his body and muscles. He turned her over with barely any effort, her weight like a feather to him.She could see several of the other couples beyond Urrgh’s furs. The other couples were busy ... coupling.She felt Urggh’s stiffness behind her as he spooned her. He began massaging her breasts and licking her neck. She was startled that a primitive man would know about foreplay, but then sex had been around as long as man and woman. She imagined “keeping momma happy” as one of her coworkers liked to say, was a skill as old as man.Her breasts were sending delightful signals to her brain, and lower down. Her thighs were slick with her seeping wetness. Urggh reached between her thighs and began playing with her slit. The hair on his arms and torso tickled and stimulated her oversensitive nerves. She was very turned on.He was going to take her soon ...she wondered what it would be like to feel him on her with all that hair.“Oh, shit.” She realized. They had no birth control. They were a few million years away from the nearest drug store.“Urggh, No. I don’t want to.” Dillon protested, pushing him away. “I’m not on birth control. I’ll get pregnant.”She fought him off. Keeping her knees closed. He stopped after a moment, anger on his face. The others watched them now.He grabbed her by the arm and led her out into the rain away from the cave. He took the furs he had given her, leaving her naked as he found her. He pointed into the night, and gave her a shove."Udoo, Tandak! Meglor!” He shouted, then turned and went back inside the cave, taking the furs with him. The message was clear. Share my cave. Share my protection. You have to put out. Or else.She sat down under a tree, cold and wet. After all that happened, all the brushes with death, this was the last straw. Tears started flowing...

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2013
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000603698275
    • ISBN:  9781301100309

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