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Everyone in town knows wealthy Gillian Hughes is a spoiled daddy's girl. When she's arrested after staging a public protest to a social injustice, no one is more surprised than Hawk Carter. Is there more to the society princess than meets the eye? The young lawyer would just as soon not find out. But Gillian's been sentenced to community service on the local Indian reservation and her doting dad has elected Hawk to keep an eye on the errant heiress. Gillian vows that no one will ever control her again. Not her father, not the judge, and certainly not a hunky Native American attorney whose Harvard education and imported suits surely mean he's turned his back on his proud heritage. But Gillian soon suspects that Hawk might not be a shallow social climber after all. Unless she's mistaken, he really does care deeply about his people, his career -- maybe even about Gillian herself. Previously published as Class Action Everybody sees Gillian Hughes as the typically perceived rich and spoiled Daddy's little girl. Even by her own admission she used to be that person. Then a family secret genuinely changed her life perspective and she's arrested at a protest. Since Daddy is a powerful Judge, he conspires with the Judge overseeing Gillian's case to try to get her back on the "right" track. Gillian isn't interested on getting back on track; she wants to learn to be self sufficient and she accepts the community service no one expected her to do. Hawk is shocked when Gillian decides to uphold her community service and starts to question the assumptions he had quickly made about who Gillian really is. This really was a sweet book, two people fighting against what the world thinks of them and what they think of each other. The love story was slow and then sped up very quickly at the end, but the change of pace didn't bother me though because I really enjoyed watching the characters grow the way they did. It probably wouldn't have been as enjoyable had the romance been fast and furious from the beginning. The characters were both likable, but they both had realistic imperfections. I thought Gillian was a great heroine, brutally honest, wielding words like a whip, but also vulnerable and determined. I admired that she had courage where others would probably falter. Overall I really enjoyed this book and would happily recommend this. Jessica Top 1000 Reviewer

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