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Amy skis. She skis to feel her heart pound in her chest and the wind whip through her hair. She skis to escape. Then in an instant, everything changes. Her identity, her passion and even her command over her own body are stolen from her thanks to one wrong move. Despite her tragic spinal cord injury, Amy’s stubbornness prevails. Not one to wallow in self-pity, she throws herself into her rehabilitation, channeling all her energy into a day that might not come. The doctors said she’d never walk again but she’s determined to prove them wrong. She just wishes her new physical therapist would stop telling her to slow down. Ryan, the tall, muscular outdoorsman who oversees her exercise regime, is a bit mysterious. He’s gentle and kind, but the way he isolates himself and his occasional flashes of anger make Amy suspect he harbors some deep scars. Eventually he opens up to her – and she finds herself warming up to him. Everyone else at the rehab center raves about how wonderful Ryan is and for a time Amy almost sees it. Their friendship and budding romance remind her that she’s still alive. But when Ryan puts the brakes on her efforts to return to her former glory, it’s a betrayal Amy just can’t forgive. She’ll get over him eventually…won’t she? This book contains mature content and is intended for an 18+ audience.

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