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Re-release (2015) Secret Cravings PublishingSomewhere between Heaven and Hell a dreaded assassin slowly rises from the flames, his destroy the world! Hell's Hero from GLBT romance author Temple Madison is an action packed adventure that will keep you turning the pages of this contemporary fantasy romance.Dante, a cross between a devil and a superhero was created in Hell. Once he was complete, he woke up in a dark alleyway in the middle of NYC. He smelled of sulfur, and was dirty with coal dust. Stumbling along in a world he knew nothing about, he happened to meet a man called Fate, who became his ally. These two men were immediately drawn to each other sexually, and the longer Dante lived in the human world, the more he questioned his existence, until he began having graphic nightmares of his so-called birth. Eventually, he became aware that his creator was Satan, and that he was put on Earth to lead an army to destroy it. He struggled with this knowledge until the day finally came when he knew he had a very important choice to make--Superhero, or Superdevil.Content Notes: Hot, Anal Intercourse, GLBT, MM, Contemporary, Fantasy, Superheroes, Angels and Demons

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