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DESCRIPTION: Jasmine is a poor farm girl, stuck in a poor village. Nothing ever happens in her home, the only excitement being the stories of the adventurers that seldom make their way through. One night, having given up on hunting to bring food for her family, Jasmine decides to wander a little farther out. Realizing her mistake, she tries to make her way home. She is intercepted by a group of cruel looking men, wanting her for themselves. Just before they gain the upper hand, Jasmine is whisked away. Not quite believing her luck, she opens her eyes to see a monstrous dragon racing her through the skies. Can she reason with the beast, or has he saved her for his own pleasure? EXCERPT: He turns suddenly, and I quickly turn away, trying to act nonchalant about watching him. He gives me a knowing grin, his teeth shining a pale white that contrasts his armor nicely. He quickly stalks back over to me and his bed, and without pause, slices open what's left of my ruined shirt, fully exposing my perky breasts. I quickly move to cover them, and look down, trying to cover my burning face with my hair. I almost snap my head back, as I hear a deep, throaty laugh. A very large bulge is beginning to take shape in his trousers, the shadows aren't helping, but there's no denying his member is massive. I look back up quickly, staring at him as hard as I can imagine. "What's your name then?" I try to sound brave, though my attempt is weak, and he smirks widely. "Ramzuss." His answer is simple, and gruff. "I am Jasmine. Thank you for saving me." I stammer as I try to bow from my seated and exposed position. He hums and begins apply the cool paste to my pale skin. The affect is immediate, and I can feel the cuts numb. With a curt nod, he admires the finished job. I know he is more focused on my breasts, as his smirk turns int a cocky grin. "I'm just glad I managed to find your scent in time. Stand up." It's a command that brooks no argument, but I hesitate slightly. His phallus is rock hard now, and threatening to tear through his leather studded leggings. He moves forward, but I stumble to my feet on the bed. He quickly cuts through my own trousers, and runs his calloused hands over my slender legs. He turns and has me sit back down, I hurry oblige, my face red with fearful indignation. He quickly turns back from setting his things on the floor, as I'm trying to close my legs.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2017
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001121361160
    • ISBN:  9781370201037

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