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Love in one guise or another makes up a large portion of this book. The rest is murder, passion, hatred and revenge. Two beautiful exotic women, Lesley Kilbride and Blanche Le Deaux provide an onslaught of emotions and motives. One kills her lover and child with Black Magic, the other uses it to bring her man back from the dead. And their reasons for doing so could not be more dramatically different. Lesley Kilbride, the New York City wife of an architect turned gambler, loves her husband and will make love to him dead or alive. But there is one demand she will not tolerate. Rather than submit to his desires for revenge on those who murder him, she would rather see him back in the ground where he belongs. Blanche Le Deaux, who kills her lover and child to protect her ex-movie star reputation, rather than allow the newspapers to print the love letters she and her cop boyfriend have exchanged while he is married to another woman, has them burned alive. Peter Kilbride, husband of Lesley Kilbride, although thought well of in academic circles as a promising architect, is never-the-less unable to control his passion for gambling. After several years of spending extravagances, Lesley is almost bankrupt. And when she will no longer pay Peter’s debts, everybody wants him dead; but he won’t stay dead for long. Curiously, Lesley still loves Peter and unexpectedly has him brought back to life. The police, not to mention his ex-business partners who murder him, are incredulous and deeply shocked by this phenomenon. A tragedy and a farcical situation, Peter is back from the dead and heavily armed. He leaves no doubt as to his ambitions. And he has every reason for self-confidence. He can’t be killed! He’s already dead! Now he can get the satisfaction of bringing terror and disaster to the men who murder him. He comes to the attention of the police when his body becomes missing from the cemetery and his fingerprints are found on the murder weapons. The zombie tells his wife he lost control and began shooting and stabbing his ex-partners for murdering him. Lesley thinks he’s guilty but not insane. After all, how could he be? He’s dead. However, she is determined to see Peter back in the ground, even if the law has to be twisted and bent out of all recognition. And of course, there’s the gypsy; a viper of a woman who can meet your every need. Although her fees are outrageous, her reputation is such that she never lacks for clients. Does she bite, you might ask? That depends on the client. She’s a witch with the inability to form meaningful relationships with the living or the dead. A victim of her own mad recklessness, the gypsies’ basic motivation for her actions remains a mystery.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2013
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001111757645
    • ISBN:  9781513073590

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