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Excerpt:Chris looked around the room. It was about twelve by fifteen, much larger than she had expected. On one wall were hung a collection of paddles, straps, riding crops, and whips, along with some chains, rope and leather restraints. A cabinet in one corner probably held other devices. The room was carpeted with a deep plush and lit by indirect lighting. There were also several candle sconces on the walls which were finished on two sides with paneling and on the other two, which must have been the outside walls of the basement, by what looked like stone, but was probably an imitation. There were no windows. There were, however, several pieces of "furniture." In the center was what looked like a small picnic table with the top replaced with a rounded leather covered cylinder, such as a vaulting horse one might find in a gym. On closer inspection, the "benches" of the table extended a couple of feet beyond the end of the vault on one end. Two straight backed chairs rested against one wall. There was a large, X-shaped framework on one side. This was also padded and covered with leather. A padded table, two feet wide and eight feet long and about waist height sat off to another side. Several other items were along the walls. Chris could see a number of steel rings on the ceiling, walls, and floor. This was a regular dungeon. She shivered slightly. Mike was wearing jeans and an open collar shirt. He had on gym socks but no shoes. Now he began to unbutton his shirt and hung it on a hook near the door. As he did so he closed the door. "There aren't any other houses around here, but no use taking chances on someone hearing," he said. Then he turned to Karen. "Bring the chair." Karen slowly went to the straight chairs along the wall and brought one back over to where Mike was waiting. As she set it down, he said, "And I think the ping-pong and leather paddles." Karen gave a little shudder and went to bring the requested instruments from where they were hanging on the wall. She handed them to Mike and stood still beside him where he was now seated in the chair. "Chris, why don't you bring the other chair over and sit where you can watch." He indicated a place about three feet to his right and a little in front of him. As Chris brought the chair over and sat down looking like she was in a daze, Miked turned to Karen. He motioned for her to turn her back to him. When she did she automatically crossed her wrists behind her and he pulled a four foot piece of wide velvet ribbon from his pocket and used it to tie her wrists together. He turned her back around and helped her to lie across his lap, her back side towards his right. From where she sat Chris was looking directly at Karen's tight buttocks. Mike pushed her feet about sixteen inches apart and trapped them with his right leg. This had the effect of opening her up and exposing her puckered anus and pussy which Chris could see was damp with Karen's excitement. Chris realized she was wet, too, and squirmed on her chair. "A little warm-up," Mike said, as he brought his hand down with a loud slap against Karen's bare cheeks. She gave a small squeal, more from surprise than anything else. Chris realized this hadn't been especially hard and began to wonder just how much of a spanking this was going to turn out to be. But the next stroke was harder. By the fourth his hand was leaving a sharp outline on Karen's bottom and she was sucking in her breath at each blow. After a dozen Mike picked up the ping-pong paddle. This was actually a plain wood paddle such as usually came with a rubber ball attached with a long piece of elastic. The surface was sanded smooth and covered with a light coat of varnish. When Mike brought it down with a hard smack, Karen gasped and a red imprint immediately appeared on her skin. Mike delivered ten strokes and by the last one Karen had tears in her eyes. For a few seconds Mike let his hand slide over her hot skin. Chris could see that Karen was even wetter and was twisting against Mike's lap. Chris was becoming more excited herself and squirmed even more, but she didn't take her eyes off her cousin. Mike picked up the leather paddle. This was about three inches wide and eighteen inches long. It was covered with smooth leather and looked stiff, but still flexible. (Actually there was a thin piece of spring steel inside, but Chris couldn't tell by looking.) "I think fifteen," Mike said. Karen squeezed her eyes shut and Chris could see her tighten her buttocks. Mike waited for several seconds until she finally relaxed and then brought the paddle down hard. Karen cried out and a red outline immediately appeared. Mike let several seconds go by and then repeated the blow. This was the pattern. He allowed her to anticipate the next stroke and then, just when she finally didn't expect it, he struck. Each of the fifteen brought a cry. By the last three, Karen let loose a small scream with each and tears were falling from her eyes. But she never begged Mike to stop. When the last stroke had been delivered, Mike stroked her bottom for a minute as Karen calmed down. Chris, her breath a little short and fast, said, "Wow! That was some punishment." "Oh, that wasn't the punishment," Mike said. "That was just the warm up." He helped Karen to stand. He looked around the room and finally said, "The bench, I think." Chris saw Karen shudder at the mention, but also noticed she seemed very aroused. Chris herself was also aroused. In fact, without realizing it, she had let her hand reach under her short skirt and was gently rubbing her pussy through her soaked panties. As Karen turned around she noticed where Chris's hand was. "Chris, you're not supposed to be enjoying this so much." Mike looked over quickly, just in time to see Chris guiltily pull her hand from under her skirt. Karen went on, "Mike, I don't think it's fair she gets to enjoy this so much. You should tie her hands if she can't keep them off herself." Chris turned bright red. "She has a point," Mike said. "This is a punishment. Either you can go back upstairs or I can tie your hands behind your back."  

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    • Ano de Edição: 2012
    • Ano:  2012
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000178526393
    • ISBN:  1230000020504
    • Faixa Etária:  a partir de 18 anos

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